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Los Angeles Lakers Players Salary, Schedule, Highest-Paid Players All You Need To Know


The Los Angeles Lakers are a professional American basketball team also known as the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers are primarily affiliated with the NBA National Basketball Association. The team competes in the sport as a member of the NBA’s Western Conference Pacific Division. The team plays home basketball games at Staples Center. check Los Angeles Lakers Players Salary, Schedule, Highest-Paid Players All You Need To Know.

It is an area where other NBA teams play games in common, primarily the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League. The Lakers are the most successful team in NBA history. If you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, you can find out more about its players here.


Los Angeles Lakers Players Salary

Lakers are the best team in the NBA which is due to the players of the team, so players are given good salaries here, earning can be more or less according to the performance of the players.

Russell Westbrook


Westbrook is the highest-earning player of the Los Angeles Lakers, receiving a salary of $44,211,146 as of 2021-22, besides there are many other players who get more salary in this team.

LeBron James

LeBron is a great player of the Lakers who is known for his better performance in this team, he gets a salary of $ 41,180,544 by staying in this team, he is the second-highest-paid player of this team.

Anthony Davis

This player is at number three in the list of highest salary earners in the team of LA Lakers, who earns $ 35,361,360 as his salary.

Talen Horton-Tucker

This player of the basketball team lives in the Los Angeles Lakers and receives a salary of $ 9,500,000, which is the fourth highest-paid player.

Luol Deng

Luol Deng LA Lakers is a great player who earns $5,000,000 as a salary in this team.

Kendrick Nunn

Kendrick Nunn also earns $5,000,000 as his salary, which he gets for his good performance in his team.

 Los Angeles Lakers Other Players and Their Salary:

  • Marc Gasol        $2,692,991
  • Carmelo Anthony   $2,641,691
  • Trevor Ariza        $2,641,691
  • Wayne Ellington    $2,641,691
  • Dwight Howard     $2,641,691
  • Kent Bazemore     $2,401,537
  • Malik Monk        $1,789,256

Here we have learned how the players are paid in the Los Angeles Lakers team, here there can be a lot of differences in the salary of the players, according to 2021-22, the player who gets the highest salary gets the least salary. There is a lot of difference in the players doing this, here Russell Westbrook, who is the highest-paid player of the team recently, his salary is 44,211,146, while there are also players in the lowest team who get the lowest salary, in this Malik Monk who is this Earns a salary of $1,789,256 per year.

This salary keeps on increasing according to the performance of the players and every year there is a growth in it, apart from the salary, players earn money by doing many types of endorsements, which increases the earnings of the players manifold, apart from this, the players earn money from other resources.

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