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Manchester United to ‘give up’ De Jong chase

Manchester United to ‘give up’ De Jong chase

Manchester United to ‘give up’ De Jong chase: Sky Sports News is saying that Manchester United will not give up their chase of Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong despite a series of recent defeats in their pursuit of the player.

Manchester United to ‘give up’ De Jong chase: Sky Sports News is saying that Manchester United will not give up their chase of Barcelona midfielder
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This comes after Manchester United has seen a number of obstacles in their pursuit of the player. Frenkie de Jong has been the subject of Manchester United’s pursuit throughout the length of the summer transfer window, but the club has been unable to secure his services.

During Erik ten Hag’s first summer as United manager, De Jong was identified as the club’s major transfer target. Despite this, there has been very little movement made on the deal, and it is likely that the club will not be able to acquire his services.

It was reported that the midfielder had told Ten Hag that he would not be moving to Old Trafford, and it was also reported that the Netherlands international had told his teammates of his desire to remain at his current club. Both of these reports were based on conversations that were reported to have taken place. The Spanish media are the ones that made the allegations regarding the chat between the two players.

However, there have been contradictory rumors stating that De Jong is actually poised to join United, and nobody really knows what the next step will be in the transfer story that has lasted the longest so far this summer. This particular transfer saga has been going on for the greatest amount of time.


Respected journalist Dharmesh Sheth revealed to the audience of Sky Sports News on Thursday afternoon that Manchester United has not given up hope of signing De Jong as a player. Sheth was representing Sky Sports News when she made her remarks. There is still the possibility that the two organizations will be able to come to an understanding with one another and achieve a compromise.

“This is something that we have been saying for the past several weeks: Manchester United are pleased with the comprehensive agreement that they have struck with Barcelona to get De Jong. This agreement is worth £72 million once add-ons are added in, and United is comfortable with it.

One sports analyst stated that they do have other midfield players in their sights. “You’d think United would have their own hidden timetable for getting this deal done, and they do have other midfield targets,” the analyst added. They are keeping those other targets “warm,” as I’ve been told, but they continue to claim that a deal can be reached for De Jong. According to what I’ve been told, they are keeping those other targets “warm.”

“However, things aren’t going as smoothly as planned with this move, and the reason for that is because De Jong and Barcelona aren’t on the same page about certain matters. In spite of the fact that their official position is that De Jong is not available for purchase, the issue of his outstanding salary must be settled as soon as possible.

In addition, the activities that are taking place both on and off the field in Barcelona are assisting United’s case, which is a development that should be viewed favorably. The Catalan giants have strengthened their roster by acquiring Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha, who were formerly playing for Bayern Munich and Leeds, respectively. During their most recent victory over Real Madrid in a friendly match, both Lewandowski and Raphinha scored magnificent goals for their team.


In addition to that, they have made it official that they will be signing Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie, and they have also stated that they will be renewing their contracts with Ousmane Dembele and Sergi Roberto. It would indicate that Barcelona is eager to sell De Jong during the transfer window that will be open this summer since they require the financial resources to register each of these players.

United want to construct their midfield around the 25-year-old player, which is especially important in light of the exits of Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic.

It is unclear, however, if it will be enough to convince De Jong that being a member of the Red Devils would be in his best interests in the long run and would be the most beneficial choice for him in the long run. However, it does not appear that this saga of personnel changes will be resolved any time soon…

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