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Mirabai Chanu Secures Silver At World Weightlifting Title Notwithstanding Wrist Issue

Star Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu was not at her best because of a wrist injury yet at the same time won a silver medal at the world championship with an all out lift of 200kg in Bogota, Colombia, on Wednesday.

The 49-kg competitor who won silver at the Tokyo Olympics lifted 87 kg in snatch and 113 kg in clean and jerk, her best effort.

The Indian finished behind China’s Jiang Huihua, who won the gold medal with a total effort of 206 kg (93 kg + 113 kg), and her fellow Indian Hou Zhihua, who won the bronze medal with a total effort of 198 kg (89 kg + 109 kg).
Mira frequently lifts this weight.

In September, world champion Chanu had injured her wrist during a training session. When she sustained the injury in October, she had also participated in the National Games.
Because we have a lot of time before the next event, we will now concentrate on her wrist,” Sharma stated.

Even though the 11-lifter field was very competitive, most lifters didn’t stretch. Zhihua even skirted her last quick lift endeavor to make due with bronze.

Chanu had a disappointing snatch session at her first international competition since the Commonwealth Games. She began with a 84kg lift however her second endeavor of 87kg was considered a no lift.

Chanu did not, as expected, attempt the long-awaited 90-kilogram lift.
The 27-year-old, who had her wrist bandaged, made her final attempt, wobbling a little, but she was able to lift the 87 kg barbell, which was one kilogram less than her sectional best.

Chanu set the highest clean and jerk entry weight after the snatch section, but her first attempt at 111 kg was deemed a no lift due to a slight wobble in her left elbow.

The Indian camp tested the choice however the appointed authorities maintained it.
However, Chanu, who holds the category’s world record, won the overall and clean and jerk silver after completing her final two attempts at 111 kg and 113 kg. Additionally, he won the snatch category silver.
This is the Manipuri’s second World Championship medal; in 2017, she won a gold.

In continental and world championships, snatch, clean and jerk, and total lift receive separate medals. However, there is only one total lift medal awarded at the Olympics.

The first qualifying event for the 2024 Paris Olympics is the 2022 World Championship, where weightlifting events will be reduced from 14 at the Tokyo Games to 10.
However, it is not a required but rather an additional event.
A lifter must compel participation in the 2023 World Championships and the 2024 World Cup in order to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games.

In addition to the preceding, the lifter must compete in three of the following competitions: the 2022 World Championships, the 2023 Continental Championships, the 2023 Grand Prix I, and the 2023 Grand Prix II.

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