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Most expensive golf balls

Most expensive golf balls

Most expensive golf balls. In most cases, the price of a golf ball is justified. There is a noticeable difference in performance between a high-end golf ball and a lower-end one.

Most expensive golf balls. In most cases, the price of a golf ball is justified. There is a noticeable difference in performance between a high-end golf ball and a lower-end one.
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Lower-priced golf balls aren’t going to provide the same level of feel and performance, so upgrading is a worthwhile investment for many golfers. You don’t have to look any farther than our list of the ten most expensive golf balls on the market for 2020. Not much will work for your game if these golf balls don’t!


Despite the fact that golf is becoming more environmentally friendly, you don’t hear much about environmentally friendly balls. For golfers with a lower handicap who prefer to swing the club more quickly, Dixon Fire Golf Balls are an excellent choice. These golf balls have a lot of glide and spin on the greens, but they also travel far off the tee.

The 318 Tour precise dimple pattern is used. Your putt will stop exactly where you want it to stop, even if it has to cut through the wind to get there. Recyclable cast urethane is both sturdy and environmentally friendly for the cover. This is an excellent solution for long-term sustainability because of how many golf balls are used each day.


The best golfers in the world trust Titleist’s high-end golf balls. In addition to being pricey, AVC Golf balls might be difficult to locate. In terms of distance and spin on the greens, the AVX are among the best in the business. The AVX is a wonderful option if you’re serious about your scoring prowess. Three-piece AVX gives the feel and performance sought by more advanced players.


One of the rising stars in the high-performance market is XXIO Golf Products. The XXIO brand is known for producing high-quality products that are often priced a little on the premium side. You won’t be let down by the performance, on the other hand.

This golf ball’s main selling point is that it’s a high-performance ball that can be used by golfers of all swing speeds. The XXIO is built for swing speeds under 90mph. The majority of XXIO’s equipment is also designed for golfers who swing at a lower speed than 90mph. You won’t have any trouble playing at these clubs if you have strong brand loyalty.


It’s difficult to think of another golf ball like the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls from TaylorMade. Even though these TP5 Pix cost a lot, you get a lot out of this golf ball. The fact that it is a five-piece golf ball is probably our favourite feature of it.

A lot of technology can be packed into a five-piece object. A golf ball’s outer core provides feel and spin, while its inner layers offer the power needed for a successful shot.

Additionally, the Pix has a unique feature: a golf ball with a picture on it. The white golf ball is a thing of the past. When you’re focusing on your short game, the images on the outside of the TP5 Pix will show you how the ball is moving. You may also see the ball better while playing your round.


For many years, the Titleist ProV1x has been one of the best golf balls on the market. It’s nothing unusual for golfers to refer to these balls as pricey. Because the ProV is so well recognised for being the most expensive golf ball, many people will compare the price of their own balls to that of the Prov. The price of the ProV1 has decreased since it originally came out.

You can get a dozen of these for about $48 now, but when they first came out, they were about $60 a dozen. It’s designed for golfers with a lot of club head speed who also want plenty of spin on the greens, which is why it comes in a three-piece configuration like the ProV1.

6. Golf Balls CALLAWAY 2020 CHROME SOFT $47.99

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is the same as a Pro V1 or a TP5 in terms of performance. Callaway’s top-of-the-line golf ball is this model. In terms of feel, the Chrome Soft is one of the softer golf balls available. On and off the greens, the Chrome Soft delivers tour-calibre performance. This golf ball comes in a variety of colours, which is one of our favourite features. If you pay a lot of money for a ball, you may not need to buy so many of them if you can easily find one from hole to hole!

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