Top 10 most expensive sport franchise in the world

Top 10 most expensive sport franchise in the world

Top 10 most expensive sport franchise in the world. The American magazine Forbes ranks the most valuable sports teams in the world every year. These teams come from association football, American football, baseball, and basketball. In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL) became the first team to be worth more than $4 billion. They were also the first non-association football team to top the list since it began in 2010. In addition, both Manchester United (from 2010 to 2012) and Real Madrid (from 2013 to 2015) have been named the most valuable team three times before.

Top 10 most expensive sport franchise in the world. The American magazine Forbes ranks the most valuable sports teams in the world every year.

Current rankings

RankTeamSportLeagueValue (USD billion)Growth (2016–20)
#1United States Dallas CowboysAmerican footballNFL$5.700Increase 43%
#2United States New York YankeesBaseballMLB$5.250Increase 56%
#3United States New York KnicksBasketballNBA$5.000Increase 67%
#4Spain FC BarcelonaAssociation footballLa Liga$4.760Increase 34%
#5Spain Real MadridAssociation footballLa Liga$4.750Increase 30%
#6United States Golden State WarriorsBasketballNBA$4.700Increase 147%
#7United States Los Angeles LakersBasketballNBA$4.600Increase 70%
#8United States Denver BroncosAmerican footballNFL$4.500Increase 65%
#9United States New England PatriotsAmerican footballNFL$4.400Increase 38%
#10United States New York GiantsAmerican footballNFL$4.300Increase 54%
#11Germany Bayern MunichAssociation footballBundesliga$4.210Increase 57%
#12England Manchester UnitedAssociation footballPremier League$4.200Increase 27%
#13England LiverpoolAssociation footballPremier League$4.100Increase 165%
#13United States Los Angeles RamsAmerican footballNFL$4.000Increase 176%
England Manchester CityAssociation footballPremier League$4.000Increase 108%
#15United States San Francisco 49ersAmerican footballNFL$3.800Increase 41%
#16United States Los Angeles DodgersBaseballMLB$3.570Increase 43%
#17United States New York JetsAmerican footballNFL$3.550Increase 37%
#18United States Chicago BearsAmerican footballNFL$3.530Increase 44%
#19United States Washington CommandersAmerican footballNFL$3.500Increase 23%
#20United States Boston Red SoxBaseballMLB$3.470Increase 51%
#21United States Philadelphia EaglesAmerican footballNFL$3.400Increase 42%
#22United States Chicago CubsBaseballMLB$3.360Increase 53%
#23United States Houston TexansAmerican footballNFL$3.300Increase 32%
United States Chicago BullsBasketballNBA$3.300Increase 43%
#23United States Boston CelticsBasketballNBA$3.200Increase 52%
#23England ChelseaAssociation footballPremier League$3.200Increase 93%
#28United States San Francisco GiantsBaseballMLB$3.180Increase 41%
#29United States Las Vegas RaidersAmerican footballNFL$3.100Increase 117%
#30United States Seattle SeahawksAmerican footballNFL$3.080Increase 64%
#31United States Green Bay PackersAmerican footballNFL$3.050Increase 56%
#32United States Pittsburgh SteelersAmerican footballNFL$3.000Increase 58%
#33United States Baltimore RavensAmerican footballNFL$2.980Increase 54%
#34United States Minnesota VikingsAmerican footballNFL$2.950Increase 86%
#35United States Miami DolphinsAmerican footballNFL$2.900Increase 57%
#36United States Atlanta FalconsAmerican footballNFL$2.880Increase 72%
#37United States Indianapolis ColtsAmerican footballNFL$2.850Increase 52%
#38England ArsenalAssociation footballPremier League$2.800Increase 39%
#39United States Los Angeles ClippersBasketballNBA$2.750Increase 38%
#40United States Brooklyn NetsBasketballNBA$2.650Increase 56%
#41United States Los Angeles ChargersAmerican footballNFL$2.600Increase 70%
#42United States Carolina PanthersAmerican footballNFL$2.550Increase 63%
#43United States Kansas City ChiefsAmerican footballNFL$2.500Increase 63%
United States Houston RocketsBasketballNBA$2.500Increase 67%
France Paris Saint-GermainAssociation footballLigue 1$2.500Increase 207%
#46United States New Orleans SaintsAmerican footballNFL$2.480Increase 63%
#47United States Jacksonville JaguarsAmerican footballNFL$2.450Increase 66%
United States New York MetsBaseballMLB$2.450Increase 48%
United States Dallas MavericksBasketballNBA$2.450Increase 75%
#50United States Cleveland BrownsAmerican footballNFL$2.350Increase 57%

The yearly number one

YearTeamSportLeagueValue (USD billion)
2021United States Dallas CowboysAmerican footballNFL$5.700
2015Spain Real MadridAssociation footballLa Liga$3.260
2012England Manchester UnitedAssociation footballPremier League$2.230

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