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NBA Champions List – Complete List of Winners 1947 to 2021


One of the most popular Basketball competitions is NBA. The first three seasons of the competition held as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). From the year 1950 onwards the competition takes place as National Basketball Association (NBA). The competition successfully completes its 74 Seasons. While the finals of 75th Edition are scheduled to play in the month of July 2021. So the NBA Champions List – Complete List of NBA Championship Winners.



NBA 2021-22 is all set to kick off from October 2021. It will be the 76th Edition of the NBA. The complete schedule and fixtures of NBA 2021-22 are likely to release in September 2021. Rocket Mortage FieldHouse in Cleveland will host the 2022 NBA All-Star Game. It will take place on 20th February 2022. So check it out below the Winners List of all 74 seasons of the NBA Competition. The live telecast and streaming of NBA 2021-22 will be available on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV.

NBA Champions List

Los Angeles Lakers are the defending champions of the NBA. In the year 2020, Los Angeles Lakers defeated Miami Heat and win the 17th NBA Title. Also, Los Angles is the most successful team in NBA with 17 titles and 15 Runner-ups. While the finals of NBA 2020-21 are yet to play. Phoenix Suns are the finalists from Western Conference. While the winner of the Atlanta vs Milwaukee match will reach the finals from Eastern Conference.

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NBA Champions List - Complete List of NBA Championship Winners

Boston Celtics standing at Second Position. Team equals the record of Most Championships with Los Angeles Lakers. Both the teams managed o win 17 NBA titles. While Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls win the NBA title Three times. A total of 20 teams managed to win the title of NBA.

NBA Champions Winner Name Per Year – 1947 to 2021

1947Philadelphia WarriorsEddie Gottlieb
1948Baltimore BulletsBuddy Jeannette
1949Minneapolis LakersJohn Kundla
1950Minneapolis LakersJohn Kundla
1951Rochester RoyalsLes Harrison
1952Minneapolis LakersJohn Kundla
1953Minneapolis LakersJohn Kundla
1954Minneapolis LakersJohn Kundla
1955Syracuse NationalsAl Cervi
1956Philadelphia WarriorsGeorge Senesky
1957Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1958St. Louis HawksAlex Hannum
1959Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1960Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1961Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1962Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1963Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1964Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1965Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1966Boston CelticsRed Auerbach
1967Philadelphia 76ersAlex Hannum
1968Boston CelticsBill Russell
1969Boston CelticsBill Russell
1970New York KnicksRed Holzman
1971Milwaukee BucksLarry Costello
1972Los Angeles LakersBill Sharman
1973New York KnicksRed Holzman
1974Boston CelticsTom Heinson
1975Golden State WarriorsAl Attles
1976Boston CelticsTom Heinson
1977Portland Trail BlazersJack Ramsay
1978Washington BulletsDick Motta
1979Seattle SuperSonicksLeeny Wilkens
1980Los Angeles LakersPaul Westhead
1981Boston CelticsBill Fitch
1982Los Angeles LakersPat Ripley
1983Philadelphia 76ersBilly Cunnigham
1984Boston CelticsK.C. Jones
1985Los Angeles LakersPat Ripley
1986Boston CelticsK.C. Jones
1987Los Angeles LakersPat Ripley
1988Los Angeles LakersPat Ripley
1989Detroit PistonsChuck Daly
1990Detroit PistonsChuck Daly
1991Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1992Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1993Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1994Houston RocketsRudy Tomjanovich
1995Houston RocketsRudy Tomjanovich
1996Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1997Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1998Chicago BullsPhil Jackson
1999San Antonio SpursGregg Popovich
2000Los Angeles LakersPhil Jackson
2001Los Angeles LakersPhil Jackson
2002Los Angeles LakersPhil Jackson
2003San Antonio SpursGregg Popovich
2004Detroit PistonsLarry Brown
2005San Antonio SpursGregg Popovich
2006Miami HeatPat Riley
2007San Antonio SpursGregg Popovich
2008Miami HeatPat Riley
2009Los Angeles LakersPhil Jackson
2010Los Angeles LakersPhil Jackson
2011Dallas MavericksRick Carlisle
2012Miami HeatPat Riley
2013Miami HeatPat Riley
2014San Antonio SpursGregg Popovich
2015Golden State WarriorsSteve Kerr
2016Cleveland CavaliersTyronn Lue
2017Golden State WarriorsSteve Kerr
2018Golden State WarriorsSteve Kerr
2019Toronto RaptorsNick Nurse
2020Los Angeles LakersFrank Vogel
NBA Champions List

Which team won the most NBA championships?

LA Lakers have won the most NBA championships with 17 NBA titles and 32 Finals appearances.

Who never won a NBA championship?

There are Six franchises never won an NBA championship? that are Charlotte Hornets, Denver Nuggets, LA Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and New Orleans Pelicans.

Who is the Most Popular Player in NBA?

LeBron James is the Most Popular Player in NBA?

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