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Neymar Jr contract salary 2021: How much does PSG star earn per week?

PSG has always been among the top spenders when it comes to the transfer market. From players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic to David Beckham and recently they signed one of the greatest players of all time Lionel Messi from Barcelona which was such an unexpected move. PSG has been the home of superstars for the past decade now but that one transfer that stays on top of their list and remains as the world record fee for any player is Neymar. Check Neymar Jr Contract Salary 2021-22 Weekly and more.

The star player shocked the whole football world with his departure from Barcelona as people say he wanted to get out of Messi’s shadow. In fact, Zlatan in an exclusive interview said ‘you can’t be number one if Messi is there and Neymar wants to be number one that’s why he left the club

Neymar Jr Contract Salary 2021-22

Paris Saint-German signed Neymar for a whopping amount of 244.20 million euros which is close to 1796 crore Indian rupees. Which seems unreal for a player.

Neymar Jr Contract Salary 2021-22: How Much PSG Star Earn Per Week?
PSG Neymar earns €3,700 per hour

How much does Neymar make a week?

Neymar Jr earns €2.5 million per month or €625,000 a week or €89,000 in a day as per BolaVIP.

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Earlier this season after another champions league loss there were many speculations regarding his further with PSG as his contract was set to expire but he has shown faith in the PSG board and signed a new deal with the French giants. In May 2021 PSG put an end to all the rumors of him leaving the club when they signed a new deal with him. In which he will be earning 30 million euros per season.

He has also signed a 5-year extension till June 2026. Apart from his annual wages, he will also receive add-ons and there is also an extra bonus if he wins the champions league with PSG. If we calculate the 30 million annual salary, the PSG superstar would earn 2.5 million euros per month which makes it 625,000 euros per week or 89,000 euros per day, or 3700 euros per hour and 62 euros per minute.

After this contract, Neymar has ranked 6th in Forbes highest-paid athletes in the world in 2021.

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