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NFL Schedule 2021: Date, Teams, Time

Football is on the go as the new season of the tournaments is starting soon and the schedule for 2021 is out now. The Football calendar for the year is out for the National Football League (NFL) with the big bang full pack of entertainment and more gameplay. Check out NFL Schedule 2021, Date, Teams, Time.

The matches will be starting this August and the year will be all good to go with Football. The game is on backtrack after the covid-19 situation stabilizing in the nations. The matches were on halt due to the covid-19 pandemic hitting the nations.

Check out the entire schedule for the Football league for 2021. The teams are all set for the matches this season of NFL.

NFL Schedule 2021: Date, Teams, Time

NFL Schedule 2021 -Week 1 to 4

The football season is all set to start this August. The tournament will be starting with the Preseason Week 1 of 4. the first matches of the month with be starting from August 6, 2021, between Steelers and Cowboys.

The other match of week 1 is Patriots and Washington on August 13, 2021. The other match on Aug 13 is the Eagles vs Steelers.

August 14, 2021, is loaded with the different tournaments Falcons vs Titans at 4:30 AM according to the Indian time. The other match on the day is the Lions vs Bills at 4:30 AM. The other matches of August 14, 2021, are Cardinals vs Cowboys, Bears vs Dolphins, Vikings vs Broncos, Ravens vs Saints.

DateTournamentTeam 1Team 2Time
6 AugNFLSteelersCowboys5:30 AM
13 AugNFLPatriotsWashington5:00 AM
13 AugNFL EaglesSteelers5:00 AM
14 AugNFLFalconsTitans4:30 AM
14 AugNFLLionsBills4:30 AM
14 AugNFLCardinalsCowboys7:30 AM
14 AugNFLBearsDolphins10:30 PM
15 AugNFLVikings Broncos1:30 AM
15 AugNFLRavensSaints4:30 AM
August 2021 Continued

August 15, 2021, has matches between the Jaguars vs Browns. The other matches for the day are Buccaneers vs Bengals, Giants vs Jets. Texans vs Packers, 49ers vs Chiefs.

The another matches on August 15, 2021 are Raiders vs Seahawks, Rams vs Chargers, and Colts vs Panthers.

15 AugNFLJaguarsBrowns4:30 AM
15 AugNFLBuccaneersBengals5:00 AM
15 AugNFLGiantsJets5:00 AM
15 AugNFLPackersTexans5:30 AM
15 Aug NFL49ersChiefs6:00 AM
15 AugNFLRaidersSeahawks6:30 AM
15 AugNFLRamsChargers7:30 AM
15 AugNFLColtsPanthers10:30 PM
Preseason . Week 3 of 4

The matches will be taking place on August 20, 2021, Eagles vs Patriots. The other matches will be Cardinals vs Chiefs on 21 August 2021. Panthers vs Ravens will be taking place on August 22, 2021.

20 AugNFLEaglesPatriots5:00 AM
21 AugNFLWashingtonBengals5:30 AM
21 AugNFLCardinalsCheifs5:30 AM
21 AugNFLBearsBills10:30 PM
22 AugNFLPanthersRavens4:30 AM
22 AugNFLSteelersLions5:00 AM
22 AugNFLBuccaneersTitans5:00 AM
22 AugNFLCowboysTexans5:30 AM
22 AugNFLVikingsColts5:30 AM
22 AugNFLRamsRaiders7:30 AM
22 AugNFLSeahawksBroncos7:30 AM
22 AugNFLBrownsGiants10:30 PM
23 AugNFLChargers49ers5:00 AM
24 AugNFLSaintsJaguars5:30 AM
Preseason : Week 4 of 4
28 AugNFLLionsColts4:30 AM
28 AugNFLJetsEagles5:00 AM
28 AugNFLPanthersSteelers5:00 AM
28 AugNFLCheifsVikings5:30 AM
28 Aug NFLBillsPackers10:30 PM
29 AugNFLWashingtonRavens3:30 AM
29 AugNFLTitansBears4:30 PM
29 AugNFLTexansBuccaneers5:30 AM
29 AugNFLSaintsCardinals5:30 AM
29 AugNFLBroncosRams6:35 AM
29 AugNFLSeahawksChargers7:30 AM
29 AugNFLCowboysJaguars10:30 PM
30 AugNFLBengalsDolphins1:30 AM
30 AugNFL49ERSRaiders1:30 AM
30 AugNFLGiantsPatriots3:30 AM
30 AugNFLBuccaneersCowboys5:50 AM
12 SepNFLColtsSeahawks10:30 PM
12 SepNFLTexansJaguars10:30 PM
12 SepNFLFalconsEagles10:30 PM
12 Sep NFLWashingtonChargers10:30 PM
September Continued
12 SepNFLBillsSteelers10:30 PM
12 SepNFLLions49ers10:30 PM
12 SepNFLBengalsVikings10:30 PM
12 SepNFLPanthersJets10:30 PM
12 Sep NFLTitansCardinals10:30PM
13 SepNFLCheifsBrowns1:55 AM
13 SepNFLPatriotsDolphins1:55 AM
13 SepNFLGiantsBroncos1:55 AM
13 SepNFLSiantsPackers1:55 AM
13 SepNFLRamsBears5:50 AM
14 SepNFLRaidersRavens5:45 AM
17 SepNFLWashingtonGaints5:50 AM
19 SepNFLSteelersRaiders10:30 PM
19 SepNFLEagles49ers10:30 PM
19 SepNFLBrownsTexans10:30 PM
19 SepNFLJaguarsBroncos10:30 PM
19 SepNFLPanthersSaints10:30 PM
19 SepNFLColtsRams10:30 PM
19 SepNFLDolphinsBills10:30 PM
19 SepNFLJets Patriots10:30 PM

September 2021 continued 2..

19 SepNFLBearsBengals10:30 PM
20 SepNFLBuccaneersFalcons1:35 AM
20 SepNFLCardinalsVikings1:35 AM
20 SepNFLSeahawksTitans1:55 AM
20 SepNFLChargersCowboys1:55 AM
20 SepNFLRavensCheifs5:50 AM
20 SepNFLPackersLions5:45 AM
24 SepNFLTexansPanthers5:50 AM
26 SepNFLChiefsChargers10:30 PM
26 SepNFLJaguarsCardinals10:30 PM
26 SepNFLBillsWashington10:30 PM
26 SepNFLTitansColts10:30 PM
26 SepNFLPatriotsSaints10:30 PM
26 SepNFLGaintsFalcons10:30 PM
26 SepNFLSteelersBengals10:30 PM
26 Sep NFLLionsRavens10:30 PM
27 SepNFLBroncosJets1:35 AM
27 SepNFLRaidersDolphins1:35 AM
27 SepNFLRamsBuccaneers1:55 AM
27 SepNFLVikingsSeahawks1:55 AM
NFL Schedule 2021
27 SepNFL49ersPackers5:50 AM
28 SepNFLCowboysEagles5:45 AM
NFL Schedule 2021

The schedule for the rest of the tournament is soon going to be releasing out. We will be updating you with the tournament schedule for the football here on this page.

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