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Odisha Open 2022 Draws, Distribution of the Prize Money, Venue All You Need To Know

Odisha Open 2022 is all set with the matches for BWF Super 100 Tournament which is all set to roll out with the matches. It is going to be a professional badminton tournament which is starting from January 25, 2022. Check Odisha Open 2022 Draws.

The matches will be continuing to roll out till January 30, 2022, where it is on the Super 100 Level. Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Cuttack will be hosting the fixtures for the season.

Odisha, India will be having all the matches for the Odisha Open 2022. Check out more details about the Odisha Open 2022 draws, distribution of the prize money, venue, and other information here on this page.

Odisha Open 2022 Draws

Odisha Open 2022 Draws

The draws for the Odisha Open 2022 are out now whereas the draws for the Round R64 are out now. The matches will be starting to roll this January 25, 2022.

Round R64

Parupalli K
B Goonethilleka
K Bruun
A Saini
A Yeligar
S Thakur
A Dwicahyo
K Dharmamer
S Subramanian
K Mekala
B Bharadwaj
A Jayaram
S Karunakaran
P Rajawat
K Walter
Cheam J W
M Manjunath
K Gulshan Kumar
S Verma
K Jindal
Qualification -Q5
K George
C Sen
V Kapur
K Koljonen
K Mulenga
S Jaiswal
R Chittaboina
A Mishra
B. R. S.
S Dey
A Namkul
S Jamsri
A Yadav
S Pratap Singh
X Sheng
H Dani
J Teh
M Maisnam
A Tandon
S Verma

Odisha Open 2022 Prize Money Distribution

The prize money distribution for all the tournaments is out now. The matches for the Odisha Open 2022 will be starting this Jan 25, 2022.

The prize money for the winner in the singles is $5,625. The total prize money for the tournament is US $75,000

Last 16$262.50$281.25

Odisha Open 2022 Venue

The venue for the matches is all set to roll out with the fixtures. Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium will be hosting the matches for the league.

The venue is at the Cuttack, Odisha, India where the grounds will be hosting all the events for the league.

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