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One Punch Man chapter 174: Sweet Mask sees Saitama in a new light

One Punch Man part 174 is out as the Clairvoyant Sisters bend is at long last set to start. Mangaka Yusuke Murata has been strictly adjusting’s One Punch Man webcomic beginning around 2012. As anticipated, the new part circled back to Sweet Veil and Saitama as they began another stage in their lives.

The past section saw Metal Knight finding out about Saitama’s solidarity as he thought once again into the CCTV film. The section likewise provided the fans with a flashback of a Legend Affiliation meeting that occurred some time prior. Genos was shown informing different legends concerning Saitama’s solidarity and his fight with Garou.

One Punch Man part 174, named Magnificence, began with Fubuki going to a specific area with her whole Snowstorm Gathering furnished. While the section didn’t uncover the area, Fubuki uncovered that she planned to meet somebody, yet quite possibly things could get fierce.

Somewhere else in the Ability Office Attractive Palace in R City, Sweet Cover was exploring another Legend Icon bunch called Effervescent Young men. The gathering had seven individuals, out of which two had become C-Class legends. Be that as it may, Sweet Veil wasn’t dazzled with them and calls them fakes of him.

Sweet Veil has now at last seen the CCTV film of Saitama showing his mind-boggling strength against the security robots, which is the way he has begun rethinking the Caped Baldy.


The Effervescent Young men, who were left insulted by Sweet Cover’s words, began to counter, guaranteeing that Sweet Veil could be the genuine phony, considering how he was unable to settle on being a legend or a pop icon. Sweet Cover attempted to make sense of the hardships a legend faces, which is the point at which the Effervescent Young men were prepared to battle Sweet Veil to demonstrate areas of strength for how were collectively.

Notwithstanding, Sweet Cover expanded his solidarity, creeping individuals out, guaranteeing that they didn’t have the excellence of overpowering strength.

In the interim, Saitama invited the legends who had moved toward his entryway into his new room, giving the three cups of tea. Considering how he had no clue about who the three legends were, his words sounded a piece ill bred to Strength, who attempted to declare predominance against him.

Butterfly DX uncovered how Chain-Frog was a decent military craftsman yet was too plain as a legend, so he began wearing a veil to turn out to be more well known. Saitama considered wearing a cover to become well known faltering.

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The caped baldy knew nothing about Butterfly DX, which is the point at which the last option uncovered his ensemble. Be that as it may, Saitama had never seen him and passed a remark about his bristly body.

The impending part could likewise circle back to Fubuki, who was voyaging some place with the whole Snowstorm bunch. Nonetheless, before she goes to meet that specific somebody, she could show up at the Legend Affiliation Lofts to get Saitama to join her.

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