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Papua New Guinea Cricket Players Salary, Central Contract, Highest Paid Players all you need to know


Papua New Guinea who is known as the ‘Barramundis’ team represents the country of Papua New Guinea in international cricket, the team previously had One-Day International (ODI) status, which is gained by finishing fourth in the 2014 World Qualifier they lost both their ODI and T2OI status in March 2018 after losing a playoff match against Nepal during 2018 Cricket World Qualifier. Check Papua New Guinea Players Salary, Central Contract, Highest Paid Players All You Need To Know.

Papua Guinea is one of the most famous clubs and they have very strong players in their team who give their best in the match and always try to be the best. The club is the new one who doesn’t have much history they’re teams are new one but they are all set for their upcoming matches. So stay tuned with us to get more information about the new team. So now let us check out the complete details about Papua New Guinea Cricket Players Salary, Central Contract, Highest Paid Players All You Need To Know.

Papua New Guinea Cricket Players Salary


Papua New Guinea Players Salary

  1. Assad Vala
  2. Chad Soper
  3. Tony Ura
  4. Charles Amini
  5. Norman Vanua
  6. Lega Siaka
  7. Sese Bau
  8. Damien Ravu
  9. Jason Kila
  10. Nosaina Pkana
  11. Jack Vare
  12. Kiplin Doriga
  13. Chris Amini
  14. Simon Atai
  15. Mahuru Dai
  16. Vani Morea
  17. Gaudi Toka
  18. Hiri Hiri
  19. Riley Hekure
  20. Kila Pala

Here are few players of Papua New Guinea there complete salary details are not out yet by the official team but soon after the official announcement it will be out the players get a good amount as we all know cricket players live their luxury lifestyle as compare to any Hollywood celebrities and if the players win any matches or titles the salary gets double and in every three to four years their salary gets increase up to 4% according to their performance and ranking which they give in matches.


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Highest Paid Players All You Need To Know

There are a total of twenty players till now and many new members join the team and leave the team there is no confirmation which members are still active and playing for the team and as mention above the player’s salary list is not out so we can’t assume which is the highest player but if the players get better their salary gets increase also even in their captaincy and to make team more strong the team purchase new player in higher amount so any details related to players are not official yet, So stay tuned in our page will be confirmed soon.

Central Contract

Each player are in contact of different contract and they have a contract of three to four years where they get paid from them and in every three to four years their contract comes to an end and even the highest-paid player keeps on changing the cricket players are having a various source to earn the annual net worth they are also tied up with a various brand which is their huge endorsements and earn good amount of money from the brand also they have their own investments and many more other things. So stay tuned with us to get the latest update as soon as the player list will be official it will be updated on our page.

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