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Park Tae-Sang, PV Sindhu’s coach, writes an emotional post after Malaysia Open defeat

Sindhu acknowledged the support she received from the unfamiliar coach after her loss at the Malaysia Open and mentioned that recovering from a physical condition is difficult on its own.

PV Sindhu lost to Carolina Marin in the first round despite recovering from a five-month injury layoff. When she wrote an emotional post following the loss, Coach Park Tae-sang was aware that she had been absent from the court for a significant amount of time.

The double Olympic medalist acknowledged the support she received from the foreign coach following her loss at the Malaysia Open, despite stating on Monday that recovering from an injury is difficult.

“Returned five months later. and undesirable outcomes. Everything is to blame on her; As a coach, I am to blame. We will get ready for the Indian Open next week in Delhi. @pvsindhu1 requires assistance rather than criticism. On Instagram, the coach wrote, “I’ll try harder.”

When asked about the post, Sindhu responded, “After the injury, comeback itself is a difficult thing.” Our five-month absence from the game disappointed my coach. However, we must be pleased that we attempted to play Marin despite the injury. I desired better conditions. Sindhu suffered his tenth defeat against Marin, who also defeated the Indian star in the Olympic final in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Sindhu said that she’s happy with her recovery and wants to show off her new skills at the India Open Super 750 tournament, which starts on Tuesday in this location. In her attempt to win gold at the Commonwealth Games in August of last year, Sindhu broke her left ankle. She narrowly lost to Marin last week in Kuala Lumpur.

Sindhu told PTI on the eve of the India Open tournament, “I have been on a break for five months, so when I was back in January, playing in Malaysia, I was happy to be back on court.” Being able to play my best against Marin in Malaysia made me happy. I was pleased overall with my game. It’s not easy to play at a certain level, rise to that level, and return from injury to play at that level. Even though it’s normal to win and lose, you must be content.” Sindhu will wrestle Thailand’s Supanida Katethong in the first round, a competitor she previously lost to.

“You can’t take Supanida lightly because I’m playing her. It won’t be easy for me because I have played her a few times and lost to her the last time at the India Open. I sincerely hope that this time things will get better. “Because all of the best players will be there, each match and round will be harder for me.” I’ll try my hardest, but I can’t promise success.

“This time, with a large crowd, it will be exciting. I remember feeling different when I performed in front of my hometown audience. Three years prior to the Olympics, Sindhu, who won silver and bronze in the previous two competitions, will begin training.

We are already past 2023. Due to the fact that this year is the Olympics qualifying year, there will also be many tournaments. As a result, we will have to choose which activities we will participate in and which we will not. I will have a lot at stake in each tournament.

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