Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamer develops a mod game’s frame rate to 60 FPS

A skilled Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamer develops a mod that raises the game’s frame rate to 60 frames per second in order to fix the game’s low frame rate.

By running the game at a whopping 60 frames per second, one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet modder addresses the game’s low frame rate issues. Scarlet and Violet, according to many fans, are outstanding video games with a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and enjoyment.

In any case, the various specialized issues in the furthest down-the-line titles can’t be ignored, as they compromise the general playing experience. Some glitches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be funny for a while, but when they happen too often, they become a problem.

Additionally, gamers are dissatisfied with the game’s performance, particularly its shockingly slow frame rate in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Recent Pokemon games have a reputation for abrupt frame rate drops and low frame rates, making the experience choppy and frustrating.

But Pokemon fans who want to play Scarlet and Violet at 60 frames per second have found help from the mod community.

A video of them using a fantastic mod to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was uploaded by theboy181 on Twitter. This amazing mod enables gamers to run Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at a much higher frame rate than the usual 30 frames per second.

They ride a Koraidon through the town of Los Platos before entering the South Province (Area One) region, as shown in the video. They fight a stray Lechonk with whom they come into contact here. The Boy181’s video’s most striking feature is how smoothly this mod makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet play.

The mod ensures that the game runs flawlessly and that there are no technical glitches or erratic frame drops. The majority of fans were ecstatic to see this exciting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mod and eager to test it out for themselves.

The original poster, on the other hand, hasn’t said when this 60 FPS mod will be available to the general public. When it becomes widely available for use, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Pokemon fans find it to be extremely popular.

It ought to likewise be noticed that such mods must be introduced on PC emulators, not on unique Switch consoles. Although Theboy181’s mod is unquestionably useful, the mod community has already developed tens of others, making it not the only one available.

It appears that some players dislike the music and use a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mod to remove Ed Sheeran’s songs from the game.

On Nintendo Switch, Scarlet and Violet are currently available.

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