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The Scottish FA will prohibit heading in the days leading up to and following matches

Due to recent findings on brain damage in retired soccer players, the Scottish FA has decided to outlaw heading on the days immediately preceding and after matches.

The Scottish FA will prohibit heading in the days leading up to and following matches

Additionally, it was suggested that clubs only perform repeated heading exercises once per week.

Heading in practice for youngsters under the age of 12 has already been outlawed in Scotland.

This includes activities like crossing and finishing and set piece practice, according to rules released on Monday. “Training exercises which potentially require repetitive heading shall not take place on MD-1 (the day before a match) or MD+1,” the rules stated.

Former professionals were shown to be more at risk of dementia, according to a 2019 study on the Influence on Lifelong Health and Dementia Risk (FIELD) conducted by Glasgow University and funded by the Scottish FA.

The Scottish FA said that it has conducted further study on the effects of heading in training in the professional men’s and women’s senior game in collaboration with Hampden Sports Clinic.

According to the FA, 64% of players agreed that heading should be restricted in training, while 70% of managers and coaches supported the introduction of heading standards.

The Scottish FA noted that study into the potential connections between heading, head trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases in football will continue.

These recommendations will continue to be examined in the context of any fresh research.

The Scottish FA, the national football governing body, is in charge of overseeing the growth and development of the sport in Scotland. Scottish clubs, affiliated national associations, and local associations are all members of the SFA. The second-oldest national football association in the world, it was founded in 1873. The Scottish Football Union, which was the SRU’s previous name until the 1920s, should not be confused with this organization.

The Scottish Football Association serves on the International Football Association Board, which is in charge of establishing the rules of the game, together with FIFA and the other British regulatory organizations. The SFA is a founding member of UEFA and a member of FIFA. It is headquartered in Glasgow’s Hampden Park. Additionally, it is home to the Scottish Football Museum.

The Scottish Football Association is in charge of running the Scottish national football team, hosting the yearly Scottish Cup, and carrying out a number of other crucial responsibilities for the smooth administration of the game in Scotland.

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