Positioning top-5 coolest current NBA player epithets in the association highlighting Hook, Joker, and that’s just the beginning

The NBA is home to a few cool epithets, leaving fans confused about the beginning of such sobriquets. Some of these nicknames are given to players by the NBA community, but others are given them when they join the league.

“Enchantment” is ostensibly the coolest epithet in association history.

Many people do not know the Hall of Famer’s real name because it has stuck.

In the NBA, there have been a lot of cool nicknames over time. The five most hip NBA player nicknames currently in use are listed below.

#5: Kyle Anderson – Slo-Mo

“Slo-Mo” is probably the most accurate moniker for Kyle Anderson because it describes how the forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves plays.

Anderson will never rush a shot, even as the shot clock is getting shorter.

He’s entertaining to watch because his release is probably the lowest in the league.

For the majority of his career, Anderson has played as a supporting player, frequently coming in from the bench.

He is shooting 40.9% from the field and averaging 7.2 points in his first season with the Timberwolves.

#4 Kawhi Leonard – The Claw

Because of the size of his hand, Kawhi Leonard was given the alias “The Claw.” Even though every NBA player can palm the ball, Leonard does it with incredible ease.

The way Leonard picks up the ball is like a hawk using its claws to grab its prey from above.

On his way to winning two NBA Finals MVP awards, he benefited greatly from having freakishly large hands.

#3 Nikola Jokic – Joker

It’s not often that a second-round pick develops into one of the league’s greatest talents.

However, regardless of where he was selected in the draft, Nikola Jokic has demonstrated that he is capable of performing at the highest level.

The nick name “Joker” was given birth in 2017. The term was provided by Coach Mike Miller, and Jokic appeared to prefer it to his previous moniker, “Big Honey.”

This moniker may have also been due to Jokic’s capacity for surprise. The Serbian is most admired for his passing ability, but he can do anything.

#2 Steph Curry – Really young looking Professional killer

Steph Curry has the most guiltless face and a quiet disposition.

However, he has the ability to be deadly on the court, particularly when it comes to handling the ball and making three-pointers.

The guard for the Golden State Warriors perfectly exemplifies the concept that “looks can be deceiving,” which is why he is dubbed “Baby-Faced Assassin.”

Curry holds the record for the most three-pointers made in a single season and is the all-time leader in three-pointers.

#1 Kevin Durant – Slim Reaper

Kevin Durant would go down as one of the league’s greatest scorers.

He is almost unguardable due to his nearly seven-foot height and guarding ability.

KD is one of the league’s most dangerous offensive players because he can do it all on the offensive end of the floor.

KD’s nickname is a play on the “Grim Reaper,” and it’s fitting because he makes opponents’ defenders fear him.

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