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Rajasthan Royals made a new start abroad, this academy launch, a special facility for women


In IPL we know the history of the Rajasthan Royals first IPL tournament is won by them and due to some controversy, they get banned from this tournament.

One great news is coming from RR, and now Cricket fans of Rajasthan Royals are immensely happy about this.

No, it’s not due to the mega auction which is going to happen in Feb.

But because they are going to empower women’s

Before this mega auction RR give their fans the good news that Rajasthan Royals have given to the fans.

Rajasthan Royals open new Academy for women

The franchise has recently announced the launch of a cricket academy in Cornwell. This academy is going to open in Truro School.

As we know now RR is going to coach those boys and girls who are from Cornwell At an early age, who will have a chance to enroll with the academy.

Kids who enroll their name in the academy will be trained to be top-class players at the minor county, and international levels

Let us tell you that this is not the first academy that is open by this franchise, but Rajasthan Royals has opened many such cricket academies in the country itself and abroad.

This opportunity is a potential game-changer in Cornwall for cricket and cricketers, Sean Hooper, head coach of Cornish Cricket Company, says about this new step.

Rajasthan Royals can achieve heights in this tournament

Rajasthan Royals win the first season of IPL. After this, the team has not been able to reclaim this title for 12 years.

The surprising thing about this academy is that there is no women’s version in the history of theIPL

Whereas Rajasthan Royals, making a special Strategy.

So that they have given women Cricketers a chance to join this Academy as well.

Sean Hooper said,

“This is truly a great opportunity for Cornish youngsters to work towards becoming cricket superstars around the world.

I can’t wait to be accompanied by my team of specialist coaches and this program is at the forefront of the development of cricket.”

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