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Ranked: The best and worst Formula One tracks scheduled for 2023.

However, rather than counting down to a clear winner, we have sorted them into the best of the best and the most difficult to fall in love with Formula One.

We have a lot of F1 tracks to go through on our list because Formula One will visit 24 circuits in 2023 (23 of which were confirmed at the time of publication). Of course, you may disagree with where some of these circuits end up in the groupings. Please share with us the format of your tier lists.

So, without further ado, here are our rankings for the Formula One tracks that will be used in 2023.

The host of the first Formula 1 race, which took place in 1950, is an excellent place to begin.

The layout of Silverstone has changed a lot over time to keep up with how the sport has changed over time. The most recent change happened in 2010, but its most iconic corners have stayed the same. Seeing a Formula 1 car work its way through Copse, Maggotts, Becketts, and Stowe in qualifying trim is still a wonderful sight of both the driver and the machine working at full capacity.

It is still one of the fastest and most popular Formula One tracks, and since most teams are based in the UK, it is also a “home” race for a large portion of the paddock.

The Temple of Speed in Monza, Italy, is both the fastest track in Formula One and home to one of the sport’s most ardent followings as the tifosi cheer on Ferrari each year.

Overtaking is always possible due to the iconic combination of high-speed corners like the Ascari Chicane, Parabolica, and the two Lesmo corners, which are separated by chicanes and hard-braking zones. In Formula 1, simply being fast is crucial, as that should always be the goal.

Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium—Like the track that comes next on this list, Spa frequently ranks near the top of the list of Formula 1 drivers’ favorite tracks.

It is the calendar’s longest track, but it also has some of the sport’s most famous corners, like the plunge down from La Source and the flat-out rise through Eau Rouge and Raidillon to start a wild Ardennes lap.

As the left-handers of Pouhon and Blanchimont approach, the G-forces are significant, and the drivers.

are putting in a lot of effort through some of the fastest corners on the calendar in an effort to set the best lap time.

After his final practice session at the circuit in 2022, Sebastian Vettel said that Suzuka “must have been designed by the Gods,” and it’s easy to see why.

The first sector’s uphill Esses are followed by a high-speed mix of brilliance as the downforce of Formula 1 cars and brave drivers are put to the test.

How can they brake into the Spoon Curve so late? How quickly can they get past the Degners? Do you consider making a pass at the final chicane? However, the season finale of 1989 might not be the best illustration of how to do that).

a regular on the modern Formula 1 schedule and the location of one of Kimi Raikkonen’s greatest individual drives in 2005.

Interlagos, Brazil: It will be thrilling to be roared on by a packed crowd at Interlagos, which is still one of the best F1 tracks in the world. Even though it is more than 80 years old as a circuit, modern Formula 1 cars look right at home there, and it consistently puts on great races year after year.

Naturally, the title deciders at Interlagos will be on everyone’s minds, but the track in and of itself is still outstanding.

The Senna S’s downhill plunge, round, and down to Descida do Lago, presents a great opportunity for overtaking. The drivers’ ascent uphill through Ferradura’s high-speed right-hander is painful for their necks, and nailing Juncao’s exit is crucial to properly finishing the lap. We wouldn’t have it any other way—a genuine driver’s circuit.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco Now, we are aware that Monaco’s position on this list will cause controversy. But seriously, isn’t it still the crown jewel of Formula 1?

In today’s ever-expanding Formula 1 vehicles, completing a qualifying lap of Monaco’s streets must still rank among the best feelings a driver can experience.

The Monaco Grand Prix is iconic for many reasons. While most other Formula One tracks at least provide a place to overtake, the Principality first presents a challenge in terms of finishing at all and how close you dare get to the walls.

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