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Rapper Too Short is unconcerned about his beloved Golden State Warriors’ chances of winning a championship again, and he rants about the disrespect the team receives

This season, the Warriors have disappointed.

They are 15-18 heading into their game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Christmas Day.

During the team’s 2-7 run over the last nine games, starting players Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins have been injured.

Despite their struggles, Too Short has backed his favorite team to win another chip. He told TMZ the following about this:

“Since KD [Kevin Durant] left, they were not regarded as a championship team, and the events of last year offended a lot of people.

The Warriors began to play well toward the end of the season, performed well in the playoffs, and ultimately won the championship.”

The rapper yelled about the Brilliant State Fighters not getting their blossoms in their non-Kevin Durant years.

However, the Warriors continued to be a great team and won their fourth championship in eight years, their second without KD, last season.

Too Short stated that he is neither now nor in the past concerned about the team’s chances of winning a championship.

He cited their incredible runs in the past.

I’ve never been concerned about the Warriors

The Warriors were the underdogs going into last season, but they prevailed decisively.

Notwithstanding, they were strong every step of the way, which isn’t the case now.

The Dubs will have to fight the odds once more to be considered a legitimate threat because they haven’t had such a losing start to the year with a healthy roster for a decent stretch.

The Golden State Warriors lack the depth they had during their previous finals runs, so they continue to have a target on their back as champions.

They have become unbalanced like a few other striving competitors, as they need to depend on their whizzes and principal pivot gathering to reliably win.

The Champions are without their best player Steph Curry.

He has been out of the team’s last four games, and he is expected to be reevaluated in two weeks.

The Warriors, who are the defending champions, will continue to be a target, making matters worse.

On the road, every team that plays the Dubs will likely play harder and give them a run for their money.

The Warriors’ road record of 3-16 is evidence that rival teams have likely scheduled games against Steve Kerr’s team.

Because rival teams in the league are aware of the postseason threat posed by the Golden State Warriors.

They will likely make it difficult for them to advance to the playoffs in the future.

On Christmas Day

The Warriors take on the Memphis Grizzlies in a rematch of this year’s Western Conference semifinal matchup, which Golden State won in five games.

The Philadelphia 76ers will visit New York, Dallas will host the Los Angeles Lakers.

Milwaukee will travel to Boston, and Phoenix will play Denver in other holiday games.

The Boston-Milwaukee challenge pits the group’s with the NBA’s best records against one another.

The Celtics driving the association at 23-10 with Giannis Antetokounmpo-drove Milwaukee on 22-10.

Denver and Memphis share the Western Meeting lead at 20-11.

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