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Report on NBA injuries: Steph Curry’s departure, Draymond Green’s departure, and additional Bradley Beal and Chris Paul news | December 7, 2022

Steph Curry, the current NBA Finals MVP, has been officially ruled out of tonight’s game against the Utah Jazz by the Golden State Warriors.

Curry’s left ankle pain will keep him out of the game.

In their most recent game against the Indiana Pacers the other night, the two-time NBA MVP played a team-high 38 minutes.

In any case, the typically lethal point monitor battled to make his shots, hitting only 3-17 from the field, including 2-10 from past the curve.

Curry’s unusually poor shooting performance was probably caused by some discomfort during that game.

This season, the Warriors’ three-point king of the NBA has only missed two of their 25 games.

However, as a result of the team’s poor start to the season, he has been carrying a heavy load.

If he does not play on Saturday against the Boston Celtics, the severity of his injury will be somewhat determined.

Due to Curry’s absence, Jordan Poole and Donte DiVincenzo should see an increase in playing time.

In the meantime, Draymond Green will wear street clothes tonight as well. Due to tightness in his left hip, he will be sidelined.

Due to the absence of their two best and most seasoned playmakers, the Golden State Warriors may struggle against the Utah Jazz.

When it comes to quarterbacking the Warriors, Jordan Poole, who is expected to handle the primary playmaking responsibilities, is not yet on the same level as the two legends.

Jeremy Paul: Pain in the right heel; Injured since November 8, 2022

Phoenix has managed to compete without Paul, going 9-5 during that time. With a 16-8 record, they now hold the West’s best record.

Against the Celtics, who have the best NBA win-loss record, the Suns will be hoping to have Paul.

The Phoenix Suns will continue to rely on Cam Payne, who has performed admirably as the team’s point guard in the absence of Chris Paul.

He has averaged 15.1 points, 7.3 assists, and 3.0 rebounds over those 14 games without Paul.

Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton have found it easier to score thanks to Payne’s 39.5% shooting from deep.

Beal, Bradley: strained right hamstring; Since December 5, 2022 injured

The Washington Wizards’ best player suffered a hamstring injury in Monday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Beal played just three minutes and watched Anthony Davis annihilate the Wizards.

As he recovers from the injury, it was later revealed that he will be out for at least a week.

Due to a quadriceps injury, the former NBA All-Star has already missed five games this season. Because he will still be reevaluated after a week, he will miss more games.

When the Wizards take on the Chicago Bulls tonight, veteran Will Barton might start in Beal’s place.

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