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Rugby Africa Cup Winner’s and Runner-ups list and Which is the most successful team?

Rugby Africa is the administrative body for rugby unions within the continent of Africa under the authority of World Rugby. As of 2018, Rugby Africa has 37 member nations and runs several tournaments for the national team including the Africa Cup. Check Rugby Africa Cup Winner and Runner-ups list and Which is the most successful team?

In the year 2019 Rugby was the ninth tournament and there have been only four different winners of the event that are; New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and England where they have won the trophy more than two times. The Rugby World Cup, this year is being hosted in Japan where 20 teams are going to represent their country.

Rugby Africa Cup Winner

Rugby Memebers Union

“We are dedicated to the sustainable global growth of our sport, combined with strong governance and there is no doubt that Africa is a key region with huge potential for the future development of rugby. Africa is home to the current men’s Rugby World Cup winners and we will continue to work closely with Rugby Africa to ensure we provide emerging unions such as Algeria and Burundi with continuous support and a solid framework to further accelerate the growth of the sport across the region.”

“In 2020, we recorded more than 350,000 registered female players in Africa, up from 50,000 in 2012. This is the result of a firm collective commitment from all African unions. I wish to congratulate Mr. Albert Havyarimana, President of the Fédération Burundaise de Rugby, and Mr. Abdelkader Sofian Ben Hassen, President of the Fédération Algérienne de Rugby for their dedication and relentless efforts culminating in this recognition today. Both countries are in the running for Rugby World Cup 2023 qualification for the first time in their history and the entire African rugby family wishes them good luck in this new chapter.”

So now let’s check out the complete information about the Rugby Africa Cup Winner and Runner-ups list and Which is the most successful team?

Rugby Africa Cup Winner List

1987  New Zealand France29-9
1995South AfricaNew Zealand15-12
2007South AfricaEngland15-6
2011New ZealandFrance8-7
2015New ZealandAustralia34-17
2019South AfricaEngland32-12
  1. New Zealnd Won Against France – 1987

The very first tournament was held in the year 1987 in Australia where New Zealand beat France all the blacks were amazing they give their best and work hard upon themselves and they beat every opponent that they face that is including France with 29-9.

2. Australia Won Against England – 1991

After four years, the tournament was held in a variety of countries like England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France. Australia had just beaten all the black in the semi-final and finals the game was interesting at the time as both the team were giving their best and performing well Australia beat England by 12 -6.

3. South Africa Won Against New Zealand -1995

In South Africa, it was the first major sport that was taking place in the country and they prove themselves by beating their opposite team Australia the game was played incredibly by them and they took the storm there were many strong members they beat New Zealand by 15-12.

4. Australia Won Against France – 1999

Rugby is one more unforgettable World Cup tournament where Australians prove themself once again that they are no more lesser than anyone. Australia had beaten South Africa in the semi-finals with the run 27-21, Whereas France went up against All blacks but unexpectedly they lose it.

5. England Won Against Australia – 2003

New Zealand after winning against France they were confident to beat Australia and they did, England had also smashed south Africa by 53-3 in the year 2002 in their international. England was one of the strongest teams with its player and give their best performance.

6. South Africa Won Against England- 2007

After 4 years England was once again in the tournament where they didn’t perform well much but all the Black ones of South Africa were ready to smash against England and for the second time, South Africa won with 15-6. South Africa was way excited for themselves.

7. New Zealand Won Against France – 2011

After 1987 New Zealand didn’t win any World Cup and this time they were all set to beat their opponent team, they believed something else due to some injuries but still they give their best and won against France 8-7.

8. New Zealand Won Against Australia 2015

New Zealand was once against all set to prove themselves and mark their names as they once again won their finals in 2015. Australia was expecting that they will leave them behind but it unexpected situation that how New Zealand won two World Cups in a row it is the first team to do so.

9. South Africa Won Against England – 2019

South Africa shuts down England by winning the world cup championship, the Blacks were once again all strong and confident with their team they perform well and give their best to prove themselves they are one of the most hardworking and sportsman spirit team.

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