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S. Vernon Scott is rapidly moving up the Packers’ depth chart!!

Though with two or three spots on the roster this summer at safety positions for the Green Bay Packers, Vernon Scott, who is entering his third NFL season, may not be top of mind at the start of training camp. Maybe, or that’s the case outside of Lambeau Field.

Sources said, before the start of training camp, the Packers signed Dallin Levitt, a core member of the special team in Las Vegas under Rich Bisaccia after that was Shawn Davis, the team’s No. 3 safety during back-to-back OTA and minicamps, and Tariq Carpenter, a seventh-round pick, and Inis Gaines, who made noise last summer.

According to the sources, Black was on the field for about 300 snaps last season, and while a third-place safety with Quay Walker at linebacker in 2022 may not be a big role, it’s not a job that’s going away entirely. 

Furthermore, a general lack of defensive experience behind Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage has been a crowded and competitive security room this summer. And while every player above has a case for making this list, Scott has been blowing up the depth charts over the past week. Last Monday, during practice, Scott stopped Jordan Love to finish the two-minute drill. Then on Family Night, after Savage’s early departure with a hamstring injury, Scott took over and played alongside Amos. The same situation prevailed during practice on Sunday and Monday as well.

What did Vernon Scott say about the controversies?

Although the Green Bay Packers released their first “unofficial” depth chart for the 2022 season, moreover, as is always the case, coaches do not create these depth charts. So what appears on the page does not necessarily reflect the actual depth chart where the players sit.

Green Bay Packers: Vernon Scott Looking to Play Much Larger Role
Image Credit: Dairyland

On the other hand, Scott is a seventh-round pick out of TCU by the Packers in the 2019 NFL Draft, where he spent a relatively equal amount of time as a box, clearance, and free safety.

He was also in the field for 476 career special teams snaps, an impressive number, and played various roles. As a rookie, Vernon Scott appeared in 10 games on defense and was on the field for 90 snaps defensively, along with another 184 on special teams.

Moreover, he entered the final training camp as the favorite for third safety but lost to Henry Black. Scott would still be on the 53-man roster, but he took no defensive snaps and only on 17 special teams while often staying healthy on game day.

“I took a different approach this season, trying to focus on my techniques and getting better and taking better care of my body,” Scott said after Sunday’s practice. And I came back strong and ready.” “My confidence has been high, but (this new opportunity) just shows my teammates that I can step in and they can count on me if someone goes down.”

Other Updates:

Therefore, as per the list, or fans’ expectations, top pick Quay Walker is listed as the starting linebacker. Rookie standout Romeo Dobbs is back at receiver and both return spots. The three starting receivers are three stalwarts: Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Sammy Watkins. However, this closely matches what has been reported from Packer’s training camp. We’ll see how the pecking order changes when Matt LaFleur’s team takes on the San Francisco 49ers in Friday night’s preseason opener. We hope this article was helpful; if you have any queries, just share them with us through a comment below.

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