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Saudi Arabia leaves the World Cup with renewed assurance

Saudi Arabia has generated a lot of buzz throughout the World Cup, from their historic victory over Lionel Messi and Argentina to current rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo may soon be moving to the country to play soccer.

Following their 2-1 defeat to Mexico on Wednesday, the Green Falcons have nothing to be embarrassed of as they were eliminated from the.

At the first World Cup held in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the second-lowest-ranked team in the competition at No. 51, finished ahead of only Ghana, who was ranked 61st, and one spot ahead of the host nation Qatar.

“We made every effort. Hervé Renard, the French coach for Saudi Arabia, stated that today was harder for them. We must remember what we accomplished as a team, though.

The Saudis surprised everyone by defeating Argentina 2-1 in their opening match. They also played well in a 2-0 loss to Poland before giving up two goals to Mexico in the second half to finish last in Group C.

In extra time, star player No. 10 Salem Al-Dawsari restored the lead before the Saudi players kneeled in prayer on the field at the final horn and then stood up to applaud their supporters.

Mohammed Alowais made a strong save in goal to keep Mexico from adding another goal, which would have advanced the South Americans to the round of 16. In contrast, Argentina and Poland won the most competitive group of the competition.

Saudi Arabia proved difficult to beat with a team made up of all 26 players based at home, and Renard served as the team’s inspiration from the sidelines while donning his signature white shirt.

It may have come as a surprise that no Saudis represent their country abroad, but the best players in the nation are already paid well in the thriving Saudi league, so they don’t need to travel to Europe in search of lucrative contracts.

Six members of the Saudi national team are currently playing for Al Nassr, one of the top clubs in the nation, and a lucrative contract could entice Ronaldo to join them.

Following Manchester United’s termination of Ronaldo’s contract, there have been reports linking him to Al Nassr. Ronaldo is a five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or.

Newcastle, purportedly under the direction of Saudi Arabia, is also interested in Ronaldo.

However, whether or not Ronaldo joins a Saudi or Saudi-owned club, the nation’s national squad departs Qatar with a great deal of newly discovered confidence.

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