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Spanish la Liga golden boot winners List

Let’s take a look at the season rundown of the most significant standard scorers of La Liga to figure out which players have won the most Pichichi Grant since 1929. Check Spanish La Liga Golden Boot Winners List.

As we know the quality and procedure of Spanish Football may have radically worked on in the advanced time. Be that as it may, its homegrown circuit is as yet ready to keep up with the most assaulting approach, kindness to the best players including in it.

Throughout the long term, different Spanish Association’s top scorers have altogether gone onto win different individual honors dependent on their presentation in La Liga. The Pichichi Grant is given to that player who has scored the most number of goals in the season.

Anyway, who do you think has the most Pichichi awards against their name? Lets investigate the point by point rundown of La Liga golden Boot winners by year.

Spanish La Liga Golden Boot Winners List

Spanish La Liga Golden Boot Winners List

2018/2019Lionel MessiFC Barcelona36
2017/2018Lionel MessiFC Barcelona34
2016/2019Lionel MessiFC Barcelona37
2015/2016Luis SuárezFC Barcelona40
2014/2015Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid48
2013/2014Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid31
2012/2013Lionel MessiFC Barcelona46
2011/2012Lionel MessiAdvertisementFC Barcelona50
2010/2011Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid41
2009/2010Lionel MessiFC Barcelona34
2008/2009Diego ForlánAtlético Madrid32
2007/2008GüizaRCD Mallorca27
2006/2007Ruud van NistelrooyReal Madrid25
2005/2006Samuel Eto’oFC Barcelona27
2004/2005Diego ForlánVillarreal CF25
2003/2004RonaldoReal Madrid24
2002/2003Roy MakaayDeportivo La Coruña29
2001/2002TristánDeportivo La Coruña20
2000/2001RaúlReal Madrid24
1999/2000SalvaRacing Santander27
1998/1999RaúlReal Madrid25
1997/1998Christian VieriAtletico Madrid24
1996/1997RonaldoFC Barcelona34
1995/1996PizziCD Tenerife31
1994/1995Ivan ZamoranoReal Madrid28
1993/1994RomárioFC Barcelona30
1992/1993BebetoDeportivo La Coruña29
1991/1992ManoloAtletico Madrid27
1990/1991ButragueñoReal Madrid19
1989/1990Hugo SánchezReal Madrid38
1988/1989BaltazarAtletico Madrid35
1987/1988Hugo SánchezReal Madrid29
1986/1987Hugo SánchezReal Madrid34
1985/1986Hugo SánchezReal Madrid22
1984/1985Hugo SánchezAtletico Madrid19
1983/1984Jorge Da Silva / JuanitoReal Valladolid / Real Madrid17
1982/1983RincónReal Betis20
1981/1982QuiniFC Barcelona27
1980/1981QuiniFC Barcelona20
1979/1980QuiniSporting Gijon24
1978/1979Hans KranklFC Barcelona29
1977/1978Mario KempesValencia CF28
1976/1977Mario KempesValencia CF24
1975/1976QuiniSporting Gijon21
1974/1975Carlos RuizAthletic Bilbao19
1973/1974QuiniSporting Gijon20
1972/1973MarianinReal Oviedo19
1971/1972PortaGranada CF20
1970/1971Jose Garate / RexacheAtletico Madrid / FC Barcelona17
1969/1970Jose Garate / Amaro Amancio / Luis AragonesAtletico Madrid / Real Madrid / Atletico Madrid16
1968/1969Jose Garate / Amaro AmancioAtletico Madrid / Real Madrid14
1967/1968UriarteAthletic Bilbao22
1967/1968WaldoValencia CF24
1966/1967Vava / Luis AragonesElche CF / Atletico Madrid19
1964/1965Cayetano ReFC Barcelona26
1963/1964Ferenc PuskasReal Madrid21
1962/1963Ferenc PuskasReal Madrid26
1961/1962Juan SeminarioReal Zaragoza25
1960/1961Ferenc PuskasReal Madrid28
1959/1960Ferenc PuskasReal Madrid25
1958/1959Alfredo Di StefanoReal Madrid23
1957/1958Alfredo Di Stefano / Ricardo Alos / BadenesReal Madrid / Valencia CF / Real Valladolid19
1956/1957Alfredo Di StefanoReal Madrid31
1955/1956Mauro / Alfredo Di StefanoCelta Vigo / Real Madrid24
1954/1955ArzaSevilla FC29
1953/1954Alfrédo Di StefanoReal Madrid27
1952/1953ZarraAthletic Bilbao24
1951/1952PahinoReal Madrid28
1950/1951ZarraAthletic Bilbao38
1949/1950ZarraAthletic Bilbao24
1948/1949CesarFC Barcelona28
1947/1948Peralta / PahinoGimnastic / Celta Vigo20
1946/1947ZarraAthletic Bilbao33
1945/1946ZarraAthletic Bilbao24
1944/1945ZarraAthletic Bilbao20
1943/1944MundoValencia CF28
1942/1943Mariano Martín AlonsoFC Barcelona30
1941/1942MundoValencia CF27
1940/1941PrudenAtlético Madrid33
1939/1940Victor UnamunoAthletic Bilbao20
1935/1936LangaraReal Oviedo28
1934/1935LangaraReal Oviedo27
1933/1934LangaraReal Oviedo26
1932/1933OlivaresReal Madrid16
1931/1932BataAthletic Bilbao13
1930/1931BataAthletic Bilbao27
1929/1930GorostizaAthletic Bilbao20

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