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Sudirman Cup Winner List, and Who is the Most popular Team

The Sudirman Cup is the world mixed team badminton championship which takes place every two years, it is held at the same venue for the IBF World Championships in the same year until the International Badminton Federation decided to split the two tournaments in the starting year of 2003, there are five matches held at the stadium which consists of men, women’s singles matches and men and women double matches. Check Sudirman Cup Winner List, And Who Is The Most Popular Team.

Sudirman Cup doesn’t give money to players but they all play for their respective country and to earn BWF World ranking points and national prestige. All the players from each country whether it is men or women they give their best in the matches so that they can win their country name and over so many years there are many countries who have been participating in it. So now let’s check out the complete details about the Sudirman Cup Winner List, And Who Is The Most Popular Team.

Sudirman Cup Winner List

Sudirman Cup Winner Name List

Sudirman’s first match schedule was held in the year 1989 and after every two years the match is scheduled where the different countries participate and win their game for their country and there are also some countries who haven’t won any title yet but soon they will too. Also due to COVID-19 the pandemic situation, the match was canceled or postponed as you know how the situation was going on but soon it will be rescheduled again till then you can check out the winner list.

1989Jakarta (Indonesia)Indonesia Korea3-2
1991Copenhagen (Denmark)KoreaIndonesia3-2
1993Birmingham (England) KoreaIndonesia3-2
1995Lausanne (Switzerland)ChinaIndonesia3-1
1997Glasgow (Scotland)ChinaKorea5-0 
1999Copenhagen (Denmark)ChinaDenmark3-1
2001 Seville (Spain) ChinaIndonesia3-1
2003Eindhoven (Netherlands)KoreaChina3-1
2005Beijing (China)ChinaIndonesia 3-0
2007Glasgow (Scotland)ChinaIndonesia 3-0
2009Guangzhou (China)ChinaKorea3-0
2011Qingdao (China)ChinaDenmark3-0
2013Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) ChinaKorea3-0
2015Dongguan (China) ChinaJapan3-0
2017Gold Coast (Australia) South KoreaChina3-2
2019Nanning ( China ) ChinaJapan3-0

Who is the most popular Team?

One of the most popular teams in the Sudirman Cup in China they have a record of winning 11 titles in the cup which is huge and the players are very strong physically and mentally and they always give their best shot to win their country’s name they have a huge fan following. In the recent match of 2019 China won the game once again and make their country proud of them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the matches are canceled and but from the next or this year, the match will be rescheduled again, and once again China is all set to give their best shot in the match and once again win the title as they have some strong players with them and there are only a few ones who make them loose.

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