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T10 League 2021-22 Points Table and Rules

T10 league the upcoming season is going to be the fifth season which will be held in the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium the match is going to be scheduled from 19th Nov to 4th Dec 2021. Check T10 League 2021-22 Points Table.

There are many teams that participate in the league and give their best in the tournament to achieve the title. There is also a new team added ‘The Chennai Braves’ and ‘Pune Devils’.

The upcoming season is going to be very exciting and entertaining and all fans are eagerly waiting for the match as the players are working hard upon themselves. So now let us check out the complete details about T10 League 2021-22 Points Table And Rules.

T10 League 2021-22 Points Table

T10 League 2021-22 Points Table

DECCAN GLADIATORS107300142.5961099/86.4990/98.1
DELHI BULLS107300141.0471085/90.51019/93.3
TEAM ABU DHABI107300140.5951223/96.21200/99.1
BANGLA TIGERS106400120.6291023/87.31086/98.1
NORTHERN WARRIORS1028004-1.4721152/99.11226/93.4
CHENNAI BRAVES1019002-3.8861047/98.31108/76.2

T10 League 2021-22 Rules

The T10 league is all set for their matches with their teams to kick off soon, the format of the matches will be with a Round-robin tournament which is going to be of 90 minutes of the fixture.

The 2021-22 tournament is going to take place at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, there are six teams participating in the league and the rules of the game are very simple. Some of them are as follow

  1. The 10-over side tournmant is of 90 minutes and 10 minute break after an innings.
  2. In t10 each bowler gets maximum two over, their is also last three powerplay over
  3. They also allow 5 player to stand outside the 30-yard circle.

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