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Close Home Other News Golf Aerial golf, a sport that delighted the crowd. After the First World War, the plane acquired its first letters of nobility and attempted to become a means of transportation like any other Aerial golf. A sport that delighted the crowd SHARE During the interwar period, there was a sport that delighted the .A daring combination of golf and aviation that failed .

Due to the lack of uniform rules and large resources required for its practice.frequently did he burn his .Our national hero Louis Blériot was the first to cross the Channel in 1909, thereby definitively launching “the sector and he landed in Dover on… a golf course.
It was common for these pioneers to say hello on a links in the years that followed because there were no suitable trails.The plane tried to become a standard mode of transportation after the First World War, earning its first noble letters.According to the specialized and even the golf press.

The wealthy bourgeoisie fell in love with this modern vehicle to the point of making it a sport.

There are rallies, at times requiring pilots to land on the courses and play a few holes, but the general public prefers the air meetings, which are spreading throughout France and include aerial golf among other attractions.Aerial golf was played by throwing plaster bags from the top of your machine at marked targets on the ground.

And its rules changed according to the wishes of flying clubs, just like in the early days of golf.Let’s face it: golf is more about aerial petanque than anything else, but the people who play it still have a big impact on the aviation industry.

The Gordon-Bennett Trophy (French Open match play) is still a highly sought-after amateur competition today.Another French businessman tried to make aerial golf popular:a specific André Schelcher, who was president of Panhard and Levassor automobiles in 1900 and was associated with the establishment of the Zodiac company in 1908, passed away in 1942.

In his spare time, he was an avid golfer and photographer, but he was most famous for being a great balloonist and airship pilot.

Who helped him get great aerial shots of Paris.He went to the Chantilly golf course in November 1911 by balloon from. Schelcher pushes the envelope even further by organizing an event that truly combines two of his favorite sports. He is a prominent member of the Chantilly golf course.A few flying aces met on the La Forêt course at the Touquet golf course in July 1923 for a test of skill and precision.

They have 12 balls, identified by their aircraft’s registration numbers, to accomplish the feat that would give them 100 points.The rules say that a competitor gets 50 points if the ball falls between 0 and 5 m from the hole, 30 points if it falls between 5 and 10 m, 20 points if it falls between 10 and 15 m, and 10 points if it falls between 15 and 25 m. At the end of the day, the referees were able to note the presence of 36 balls out of the 48 in play because only 4 airmen participated in the tournament. The winner, Jean Bécheler,
And for a valid reason:This aviation ace, whose landing in front of the Grand Palais six months earlier had been talked about, was responsible for the competition’s only hole-in-one and unquestionably the first to do so.

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