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To avoid a “green Red Bull” rerun, Aston Martin devised an unexpected test involving children.

Dan Fallows, the technical director at Aston Martin, revealed that he devised an unexpected test to ensure that Formula One vehicles were distinct.After his team was accused of imitating Red Bull’s design philosophy earlier in the season, the Brit developed this test.

Teams scrambled to comply with the new F1 regulations in 2022.

and construct cars that were superior to their rivals.Many ideas were either too radical or too similar in the rush to accomplish this.The latter came into play for Aston Martin.

The Silverstone-based team made changes to their AMR22 at the 2022 F1 Spanish GP in Barcelona that were strikingly similar to Red Bull’s RB18.As a result, the AMR22 was referred to as the “green Red Bull,” which was analogous to the “pink Mercedes” that the team’s previous iteration, Racing Point, was referred to as in 2020.Fallows, who had just joined Aston Martin from Red Bull earlier this year, was also blamed.

However, the team denied any claims that they imitated Red Bull.The principal of the team, Mike Krack, previously expressed his frustration with the allegations leveled against them.He made it clear that the team was aware of the allegations against them and was therefore at ease.The Silverstone-based team was found not guilty by an FIA investigation.

Dan Fallows, the technical director for the team, revealed that the 2023 vehicle will be significantly different from the one that competed in Spain, despite the fact that the Aston Martin was indeed eerily similar to the Red Bull.Additionally, he stated that the regulations make it difficult to alter the appearance of the vehicles.He stated,

Even though the AMR22 and the RB18 looked similar, its performance was nowhere near as good.

Aston Martin primarily suffered from either their slow pace or their reliability, despite Red Bull winning both championships early in the season.They only finished in seventh place, chasing Alfa Romeo, with 55 points.This was the team’s second year following their 2021 rebranding, and with Fernando Alonso joining them in 2023, they anticipate scoring significantly higher.

The F1 Chinese Grand Prix will not be held in 2023.The sport has decided not to hold the event because of the COVID-19 situation in the country.Until a replacement is found, there will be one fewer race on the 24-race schedule for the time being.

However, fans are not shedding any tears over the race’s cancellation in China.Fans were unimpressed by China’s withdrawal from the event because there were already as many as 23 races scheduled on the schedule.When fans learned that the Chinese Grand Prix would not be held, the following are some of their reactions:

In 2023, the Austrian team will have to deal with a 10% reduction in wind tunnel time, which may put them at a disadvantage over the course of the year in comparison to teams like Ferrari and Mercedes.After the FIA’s ruling in October, the death of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz fueled rumors that the team might pull out of Formula One in the not-too-distant future.

Despite the reduction in testing hours and the absence of Mateschitz, who co-founded the company and spearheaded their introduction into motorsport, Marko has insisted that Red Bull are not going anywhere anytime soon as they aim for another successful campaign next year.

When asked about the team’s future, Marko stated, “There is no need to worry that Red Bull will disappear from Formula One in the near future.”

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