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The Golden State Warriors weren’t always a dynasty, according to Bob Myers, who identifies the “transformational” moment that started the Warriors’ dynasty.

Bob Myers had to help Golden State transform from a determined playoff upstart into a genuine championship threat before his team could claim the first of an incredible four titles in eight seasons.

What did he do?

In the summer of 2013, Golden State took advantage of the Warriors’ first playoff berth in five years to push their trade chips in for Andre Iguodala.

This move put Golden State’s future in jeopardy before anyone knew how good Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green really were.

However, Myers said in an interview with GQ’s Clay Skipper that bringing Iguodala in exchange for two unprotected first-round picks was the kind of “transformational” moment he knew could ignite something special with the Warriors’ young core.

We had to give up some salary and two unprotected first-round draft picks when we traded for Andre Iguodala in 2013.

That is quite a risk. That doesn’t happen as often anymore, “Myers stated.

However, as an ownership group, we decided that we must take the risk with this player and opportunity.

That was a crucial moment in acquiring a talented player like Iguodala.I frequently refer to that moment as transformative.

We hadn’t received any interest from free agents to join our team up until that point.At the time, Andre was a pretty big free agent.

It indicated that the Warriors were now present at the table.

Taking the risk was well worth it

Iguodala had just helped lead the Denver Nuggets to a franchise record 57 wins when he moved west from the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a massive four-team trade that brought Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers the summer before.

However, the Warriors defeated the third-seeded Nuggets in six games to advance to the second round, their first playoff appearance since 2007.

Iguodala, who is about to become a free agent, was extremely impressed with Curry and company after that series.

The pair even shared a quieted on-court visit after the Champions disposed of the Chunks during which many accepted Iguodala communicated his advantage in joining Brilliant State.

He was marked and-exchanged to the Fighters a little more than two months after the fact, the first of many “groundbreaking minutes” that aided attendant in their continuous line — one that Iguodala, despite the fact that he’s more social tone-setter and storage space tutor than daily effect player, stays a urgent piece of in his NBA last curtain call.

To put it another way, I’d suggest finding people you can lose to.I met with Steve that evening and everyone else the following day after our home loss in NBA Finals Game 7 in 2016.

Therefore, we are twelve hours—or, in Steve’s case, ten minutes—since our home loss in game seven.

Because there was only me in the room, it was the ideal occasion for people to place blame on others.

However, no one did so. You can win with someone if you can lose with them.

You can win with almost anyone. It is difficult to lose with people because you truly discover their worst qualities.

You need to be careful not to become a day trader in basketball. You need to be careful not to overvalue your net gain or loss if you day trade.

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