The Indian hockey team that won gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics was captained by V Baskaran. Baskaran can be seen asking

In addition, the former Indian hockey team captain stated that the World Cup winners Philips, Leslie, and Govinda must be seated in the front row of the podium. This happened when politicians and officials from the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT) were taken to the podium while the former hockey players were left out.

Sportstar says that Philips said in his speech that the event’s organizers had forgotten how to honor World Cup winners and that he was very upset about this. He went on to say that only three people out of the 8 million people living in Tamil Nadu have participated in the Hockey World Cup and won it.

In addition, the former hockey champion stated that the fact that he was not even acknowledged and that the organizers thought he was not deserving of respect deeply disturbed him. He stated, “I’ve donned the India colors for approximately 12 years, from playing barefoot on this very ground.

I’ve represented the country in two Olympics in addition to the World cup if people in our state do not respect us .

The previous World Cup champs were additionally seen conversing with Udhayanidhi Stalin, who had as of late been enlisted in the Tamil Nadu Bureau as the Pastor of Youth Government assistance and Sports Improvement. According to reports, the minister promised the former players that such incidents would not occur again.

Madurai’s Super Saravana Stores are being temporarily shut down by the Madras High Court in response to a petition claiming that the massive superstore has opened despite ongoing construction and inadequate safety measures.
As yet forthcoming at the shopping center, vehicles left out and about have caused significant gridlock.

He making burden the general population including patients visiting a medical clinic close by. In the petition, Henri mentioned that the five-acre superstore has started operating despite ongoing construction and inadequate safety measures.The petition asked for a temporary halt to the operation of the entire supermarket or just a few floor.

So that authorities could take appropriate action against the management for alleged safety regulations violations and public disturbances.

Many important institutions and businesses are located in the area around the Mattuthavani bus stop, which is frequently crowded with government and private buses that connect Madurai to other parts of Tamil Nadu and other states.
According to the petition, the unfinished construction of the Super Saravana Stores building has resulted in a significant amount of traffic congestion on Melur Road as a result of numerous parked vehicles on both sides of the road. It also said that the traffic jams end up making it hard for people to get around and for patients who go to the nearby Meenakshi Mission Hospital.

The petition also claimed that a water channel had been invaded, and it asked the Public Works Department to get involved. According to the petition, the mall encroached on a channel of excess water from Sathaiyar dam, which would allow rainwater to enter Lake Area homes during the monsoon. According to the petition, no progress was made despite filing a complaint via WhatsApp requesting authorities to take action.

In the petition, Henri also mentioned that the Super Saravana Stores building was allowed to operate despite not having any emergency exits. It also stated that authorities had not thoroughly evaluated the effectiveness of the building’s ten-story waste management system.

According to the petition, parking must also be prohibited on the section of the road that leads to the bypass road, and clear pavements must be provided so that the public can freely walk on both sides of the road.

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