Today’s rugby news: Lion calls for the “scumbag” to be fired, and Welsh rugby’s “best player” blows coach away.

Ireland star calls for ‘slime ball’ to be sacked Lions, Ireland and Munster winger Simon Zebo has approached Benetton to sack the player who sent dark Italian worldwide prop Cherif Traore a spoiled banana as a Mysterious St Nick gift Welsh.

On Monday, Traore made the shocking incident from his own team-mates public to express his grief.

He stated: A banana was hidden in my present. inside of a garbage bag is a rotten banana. The most hurtful thing for me was not only thinking the gesture was offensive but also seeing most of my friends laughing. as if nothing had changed. I’ve become accustomed to, or rather, I’ve had to get used to, having to put on a brave face whenever I hear racist jokes in an effort to avoid making friends who are already close.

Zebo, who toured with the Lions in 2013, shared the social media post by the player, who was born in Guinea. Zebo wrote: Criticize the scumbag [.] ought to be laid off.”

Later on Monday evening, Benetton posted a video of Traore saying that he had accepted an apology and that his teammates were “family.”

Ashton Hewitt, a Dragons player, expressed disappointment with the club’s move, saying: There would be scenes if one of my teammates gave me a rotten banana as “banter” for secret Santa. On the off chance that my club, inspired me to do a video discussing statements of regret and all being family sometime later where different players were snickering along, any reasonable person would agree I’d lose.

When it comes to deciding the futures of those who are in limbo this Christmas, the Dragons have promised their players that they will “do things right.”

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At the conclusion of the season, it is anticipated that up to 70 players from each of the four regions will be out of contract. Since there has been a freeze on the signing of new contracts, many of them will enter the new year in a state of great uncertainty and face the possibility of being let go as squads are reduced due to the current financial climate.

In an effort to be as fair as possible to players, coach Dai Flanagan has been meeting with recruitment chief Rob Burgess to devise a strategy .Some people will be the first to arrive and want to know as soon as possible, but we have ensured that our internal focus is on the upcoming weeks. We have made it abundantly clear that we will be able to really delve into the outlines of the future in the coming weeks.

Our team is already quite small in comparison to the other three. I wouldn’t say that our numbers will change significantly because they must be up in the 50s and we are 42 or 43. Depending on how negotiations progress and whether we have room to add to the squad, the personnel could change slightly.

When I communicate with the players, I am extremely straightforward and sincere.

Working through scenarios of a squad and how it looks is new to me, even though Rob and I have only spent a short amount of time together. Do you carry one fewer hooker or a certain number of hookers? How many back rowers do you have? What fits, where are your assets and where do you spend your cash?

Before we begin having conversations with the players, we must ensure that we are aware of the necessary course of action. In order to be as open as possible with players, we are hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that we know where we want to go. We will be straightforward and do things the correct way.”

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