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The Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians have announced Bisleri as their official Hydration Partner.


Bisleri, a firm that produces bottled drinking water, recently announced a hydration partnership with the Mumbai Indians, who have won the Indian Premier League (IPL) five times. Bisleri will serve as the Official Hydration Partner for the three-year collaboration. In this capacity, the company will champion the hydration narrative to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to its customer base and boost youth connect. The cricket season of 2023 is scheduled to mark the beginning of the association.

Jayanti Chauhan

Bisleri International’s Vice-Chairperson Jayanti Chauhan shared the following statement: “As a forward-thinking brand, Bisleri has long supported the importance of being hydrated,” By forming this partnership, we want to draw attention to the importance of sportsmanship, performance, and the close relationship that drinking enough water has with maintaining a healthy body and an active lifestyle. On this trip, we are excited to collaborate with one of the most popular teams in the nation, the Mumbai Indians, to write a compelling chapter in their remarkable success narrative.

The Mumbai Indians released the following statement via their official spokesperson: “We are thrilled to have Bisleri on board as we go towards the new season.” This cooperation is a tribute to the shared dedication to quality, and we will work together to establish a strong affinity with our product, MI Paltan, which is adored all over the globe. Wavemaker India collaborated with the franchisees to form a relationship for the Bisleri brand.

Shekhar Banerjee

This signals the beginning of a relationship of a brand with 50 years of tradition and the most followed league in India, said the Chief Client Officer and Office Head, West, for Wavemaker India. We feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the fans since Bisleri is the hydration partner for these elite teams. In addition, as a part of Bisleri’s attempts to nurture the message around hydration, the company has teamed with Gujarat Titans, the team who won the tournament the year before, as well as a series of marathons held across the nation.

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