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The Latest Rumors: Latest on Myles Turner, Cam Reddish, and Patrick Beverley The Lakers are still keeping an eye on the trade market for centers, including Myles Turner, and Patrick Beverley’s injury status is unknown, Beverley left Monday’s game

After losing a number of players on Monday, the Lakers were dealt another blow.

When Patrick Beverley left the Nuggets game because of a hip injury.

This season, the Lakers’ depth has been put to the test by injuries.

The team is still trying to find a solution to some of those problems through the trade market.

Let’s look at the most recent rumors and reports

The Lakers watched Patrick Beverley leave the game in the first half after slipping and falling.

In front of the Nuggets bench despite having a viable starting five in LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Lonnie Walker, Austin Reaves, and Troy Brown Jr.

After the game, head coach Darvin Ham did not provide any additional information regarding the diagnosis of his hip injury.

Ham stated to Spectrum SportsNet, “I know it’s his hip, but we won’t know (the severity right now).”

We will know when we return him to our facility and allow our personnel to really take a close-up look at him.

Adrenaline is pumping and you feel one way right after the game, but the true, telltale sign comes the next morning.

Therefore, we will wait to hear from our medical team when they evaluate him in the morning.

Even the Lakers, with their glut of guards, would start to worry now that Walker and Reaves have been out for at least a week.

If Beverley is out for a significant amount of time.

The Lakers would be down to Dennis Schröder, Max Christie, Kendrick Nunn, and Russell Westbrook as guards.

With the exception of two-way guard Scotty Pippen Jr.

Lakers looking for a center Despite Thomas Bryant’s incredible play this season

Especially since Anthony Davis’ injury, it also shows how bad Damian Jones has been.

Bryant’s injury prevented the pair from competing for a rotation or starting position in training camp.

However, Jones was so miserable even in his absence that he was dropped from the rotation when there were essentially no other center options.

Longtime NBA reporter Marc Stein says that as a result, the team is looking for center help for some of their upcoming 10-day contracts.

The Lakers appear to be looking into the 10-day contract market for big men who have the ability to play alongside.

Anthony Davis while Davis recovers from a stress injury in his right foot.

Davis was brilliantly playing more center than ever before

DeMarcus Cousins, a former All-Star, has already shown that he can work well with Davis in the frontcourt.

Stein makes the observation that DeMarcus Cousins was or will be brought in for a workout and may be a possibility.

The Lakers are looking for a big, no matter who it is, to assist AD while he waits to return and to keep him healthy once he does.

Myles Turner turns down a contract extension Myles Turner, the big man most associated with the Lakers over the past year or more.

Turned down contract extension talks with the Pacers because he is set for free agency this summer, according to Stein.

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