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The power ranking of League of Legends LCS 2022

One of the most fun and entertaining tournament is League of Legends LCS this season is all set to kick off starting this month as their game is scheduled for 17th June. It is one of the most interesting things to watch as fans also argue regarding the quality. Check The power ranking of League of Legends LCS 2022.

As the LCS is growing more and more often they are investing huge amounts for their overall potential and to make more teams and their region strong enough. This year seems that a lot of new things are going to happen which will make fans go all crazy. So make sure you stick to the page and get to know more details about the league.

The power ranking of League of Legends LCS 2022
The power ranking of League of Legends LCS 2022 / Credit:

League of Legends LCS 2022

This year teams have a chance to make their best on the international stage, to get something worth out of it the teams need to improve their performance according to China, Korea, and Europe standards.

For the teams that are participating in the League of Legends, it is important to provide a ranking for them has been assigned according to their system Where S stands for best and D stands for worst.

A Dignitas, Cloud9
BGolden Guardians, Fly Quest
D  Immortals
S  Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid

The teams are not only ranked according to their performance but also on their strength and skills, at this moment the team knows that Team Liquid and 100 Thieves are the best in the terms of roster. As their lineup is strong and balanced.

The fans are expecting a lot from the Team liquid so they have to set their goals high, whereas in the team Spring Split decides not to perform then it might be very dissatisfaction for the entire region and it could be shocking for fans also.