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Top 5 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS 2022



During the days of the pandemic when everyone was at home with family and spending time with them were doing work from home, people use to play the game with family to spend time and the popular game played at the time was Ludo. Check Top 5 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS 2022.

Ludo is the only game where four players can play together online. It’s hardly thanks to the Ludo game app. Ludo was the only game that helped people in these tough times. Ludo is such an interesting game where full family use to sit together and spend their quality time playing Ludo.

Top 5 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS 2022
Top 5 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS 2022 / Credit:

The five types of Ludo for Android and Ios

  1. Super Ludo
  2. Ludo King
  3. Ludo Club- Fun Dice Game.
  4. Ludo Talent.
  5. Ludo All Star.

Users can play this game Online and Offline also. In offline mode, it includes a single player with the Al built-in.

In Ludo, each player chooses one of the four colors (yellow, green, red, and blue).

Which one is the best Ludo game for Android?

Ludo King is the best ludo game for Android it is the most popular used android ludo game global. Vikash Jaiswal was the one who invented Ludo. All over the world, Ludo is played more over in India as 75% have ludo on their mobile.

Ludo is one of the games which helped family members to connect with each other in Covid 19.

In the game, there is no fixed color that can win. Winning the game is purely based on how you play the game and how well you understand to win the game and what will be your next move and 10% depends on the luck also.

Ludo is an interesting game that can be played with anyone. while playing Online Ludo you can also invite friends and play with your long-distance friends online as well.