The Welsh tournament is Jin Wei’s last chance to qualify for the home tournament

PETALING JAYA: Goh Jin Wei isn’t surrendering right now despite the fact that she just has a remote possibility to contend in the Malaysian Open.

After losing to Thailand’s world No. 1, the independent women’s singles shuttler has made life harder for herself.9 Pornpawee Chochuwong in the Australian Open quarterfinals on Friday in Sydney.

She will only have a chance of qualifying for the home tournament on January 10-15 if she performs well at the Welsh International Championships, which take place in Cardiff from November 29 to December 3.

The 22-year-old must win the lower-ranked tournament this year to earn valuable ranking points and finish the year on a high.

Because the Malaysian Open only accepts entries from players ranked in the top 32 worldwide, Jin Wei will have a difficult time making the cut. She is currently positioned at 44th. If a lot of the best players decide not to participate in the tournaments, she might get a shot.

Coach Nova Armada acknowledged that Jin Wei had a long way to go before he could compete with the best players in the world.
The Indonesian claimed, “I felt that she was too cautious in her match against the Thai player.”
She ought to have been more aggressive in her play. Her opponent was also extremely composed and focused, making few errors.

We are attempting to restore her to her best physical condition. To increase her power and endurance, she needs to work harder in the gym and during training. Her mental toughness and court skills are already excellent.

“I hope she will have a good performance at the Welsh International.”

After this, Jin Wei’s most important objective is to qualify for the Paris Olympics in 2024, and she will try to put herself in the best possible position for the qualifying period in May of next year.

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