Top 5 Best Players in Pro Kabaddi League | Know About Your Favorite Kabaddi Player

Fans and tournament organizers alike have enjoyed a very successful Pro Kabaddi League thus far.Who would have thought to give a game like Kabaddi the glitz and glamour? Well, the PKL organizers gave their best effort and thought about it. At first, there were concerns regarding the league’s viability because it was unclear how many seasons fans would watch. However, PKL has succeeded admirably in retaining its following.

Top 5 Best Players of Pro Kabaddi League 2022

Player Name
Rohit Kumar
Rahul Chaudhari
Sandeep Narwal
Naveen Kumar
Maninder Singh

5. Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar is regarded as one of the best raiders the Pro Kabaddi League has ever seen. In this article, we will see the best player in the league and how much they have helped the team. In the third season, he made his debut in this wonderful league.

He scored 102 raid points in 12 games right out of the gate. Rohit Kumar was a crucial factor in the Patna Pirates’ first of three consecutive championships this season.

“Most Valuable Player of the Season” went to Rohit. After that, he made the move to the Bengaluru Bulls and had a fantastic time there as well, scoring 568 raid points in just 79 games. His current team is the Telugu Titans.

Rohit Kumar Stats

Matches Played92
Total Raids1293
Raid Points619
Avg. Time on Mat (%)61.22
Avg. Out Rate (%)23.56
Avg. Strike Rate (%)46.57
Effective Points356

4. Rahul Chaudhari

When it comes to the most well-known and respected Kabaddi players in PKL, Rahul Chaudhari is probably the most well-known name. He has been a great player for the PKL teams and India’s National Kabaddi Team. He is the first PKL raider and player to earn more than 700 points.

Surprisingly, he started out as a defender, but with persistence and hard work, he became a productive raider. Rahul has a total of 1040 raid points from 139 games and 97 tackle points from defending from the same number of games.

After a number of successful seasons with the Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans, he now plays for Puneri Paltan.

Rahul Chaudhari Stats

Matches Played139
Total Raids2198
Raid Points1040
Avg. Time on Mat (%)47.05
Avg. Out Rate (%)22.46
Avg. Strike Rate (%)46.21
Effective Points604

3. Sandeep Narwal

Sandeep Narwal does possess a certain aura and flair. That demonstrates how excellent a player he has been. Sandeep went from being a corner defender to being one of the best all-around players PKL has ever had. Sandeep’s “Boy Move” is well-known. Additionally, he was a member of the Indian contingent that won the gold medal at the 2016 South Asian Games. The man has a lot of muscle, which helps him get away from the guards.

Sandeep Narwal Stats

Matches Played158
Total Raids852
Raid Points297
Avg. Time on Mat (%)55.95
Avg. Out Rate (%)22.91
Avg. Strike Rate (%)39.65
Effective Points168

2. Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar made his PKL debut just three seasons ago, so he is still relatively new to the sport. The man has established his own PKL, despite the fact that it is relatively new.He is very quick and agile, making it very hard for the defenders to tackle him.

He led Dabang Delhi in scoring with 177 points in his first season.He won the Most Valuable Player award the following season. Naveen is the fastest player in league history to score 600 points.

He still managed to win MVP in the eighth season of PKL, despite the injuries. However, Dabang Delhi’s first PKL title victory was more important to him than the MVP award

Naveen Kumar Stats

Matches Played81
Total Raids1411
Raid Points917
Avg. Time on Mat (%)74.17
Avg. Out Rate (%)19.64
Avg. Strike Rate (%)65.87
Effective Points689

1. Maninder Singh

One of the PKL’s biggest and most revered figures is Maninder Singh. The man’s name appears in the top three of most lists; average raid points, most successful raids, and so one is a raiding machine that keeps making a lot of issues.

Amazingly, despite missing PKL seasons 2, 3, and 4 due to injury, he remains at the top of these lists, which is a remarkable accomplishment. Maninder is now a Bengal Warriors player.

Maninder Singh Stats

Matches Played102
Total Raids1638
Raid Points1003
Avg. Time on Mat (%)58.14
Avg. Out Rate (%)22.97
Avg. Strike Rate (%)61.51
Effective Points689

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