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Top 10 Hottest Baseball Wives and Girlfriends 2023

Who are the most beautiful and hottest baseball wives and girlfriends? In this article, we have ten of the most beautiful and gorgeous & hot MLB WAGs. Baseball is one of the most watched sports in the USA. It has millions of fans around the country and the world. That is why it is important to know something about the personal life of your favorite athletes.

Marriage and dating life is a vital part of our lives. A beautiful &d kind partner makes your life heavenly. These baseball players on the list are lucky to have such beautiful partners.

10. Evelyn Lozada – Carl Crawford

credit : – us weekly

Here’s a Hall of Fame WAG if we ever saw one.  Evelyn Lozada is the only WAG on the list that has dated men from the NBA, NFL, and MLB.  Lozada definitely has a “type.”  However, she also has a track record of chasing hitching her wagon to the fading athlete.  She was at Antoine Walker’s side when his NBA career, and whole life, when down the drain. 

She married Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson for only a few months…timed perfectly with his career hitting the skids.  And, Carl Crawford is no spring chicken.  Good thing she loves attention.  Evelyn can likely keep the social media presence alive for the whole family.

9. Reagan Bregman – MLB Alex Bregman

credit : – houston

Reagan is another beauty and brains one-two punch.  An entrepreneur by trade, she also sued a Texas resort for $80,000 over a wedding deposit.  Reagan and Alex have recently combined to launch their own clothing line, Exiza, catering to leisure and fitness wear.

8. JoAnna Garcia – Nick Swisher

credit : – the delite

Primarily an actress, JoAnna Garcia is the MLB WAG of Nick Swisher.  You’ve probably seen her in American Pie 2, Reba, and Gossip Girl.  Today, she teaches English to kids in her spare time and sinks herself into several other humanitarian causes.

7. Daniella Rodriguez – Carlos Correa

credit : – houston

Daniella Rodriguez is a fashion model and beauty queen.  She has won both the Miss Teen USA and Miss Texas pageants.  Daniella connected with Carlos Correa during a first pitch ceremony while performing “official queen duties” at an Astros MLB game.  They have been fairly inseparable ever since.

6. Jaime Edmonson – MLB Evan Longoria

credit : – business insider

Woof!  Jaime Edmonson studied criminal justice in college and served on the Boca Raton police force for a few years.  Let your minds run wild!!  She left police work to become a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, and in 2007, won the NFL’s Pro Bowl Cheerleader of the Year award.  It’s not hard to see why.  Jaime is a model, actress, radio host, and a former Playmate.  Evan Longoria definitely found a complete package, if he can keep himself on the straight and narrow.

5. Dominique Wheeler – Zack Wheeler

credit : – briepe

Zack Wheeler apparently loves him some social media.  Dominique Wheeler (formerly Rizzo) has quite the presence on Instagram with over 100,000 followers.  But, not much else can be said other than….hubba hubba!  Sometimes, it’s best not to question the beauty nature provides.  Sometimes, it’s best to sit back and simply enjoy.

4. Chelsea Freeman – Freddie Freeman

credit : – fr news

We’ll leave it to you to debate the more impressive feat accomplished by Freddie Freeman, winning the NL MVP or convincing Chelsea Freeman (Goff) you are a suitable partner.  Former bikini model turned real estate agent, we are guessing she doesn’t have to convince folks too hard to buy that house.  After all, would you say no?

3. Hannah Jeter – MLB Derek Jeter

credit : – self

Hannah Jeter (Davis) was born in the US Virgin Islands, so it seems a likely pairing to grow up a cover girl for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues.  She has also worked with Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Hilfiger.  Oh, and she’s married to Yankee legend, Derek Jeter.  Derek’s list of former girlfriends is as legendary as his MLB playing career with Hannah apparently topping the list.

2. Kate Upton – Justin Verlander

credit : – today

Another SI Swimsuit frequent flier is Kate Upton.  Upton is known to every man on the planet between ages puberty and death for good reason.  The model and actress is well known for risque poses like this witty St. Patrick’s Day shot, but her best talent might be putting up with MLB hubby Justin Verlander.  #1 on most WAGs lists, there is no denying Upton is a hall of fame talent.

1. Brittany Joyce – Matt Joyce

credit : – pinterest

We don’t know much about Brittany other than through her Instagram page where she reminds us pictures are worth a thousand words, or in her case, millions of words.  Matt Joyce is a rather private person, and we also attribute this to the lack of information regarding his gorgeous wife. What we do know is they married in 2016, she has worked off and on as a model and an actress, and she definitely lands atop our 12 Hottest MLB Wives and Girlfriends list as the silent assassin none of you saw coming!

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