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UEFA Euro 2020-21 Prize Money Breakdown: How much winner will get?

Euro 2021-21 is 16th edition took place successfully this June 2021 having in a total of 24 teams featuring. UEFA Euro this season was one of the glorious seasons as there was a high increase in the fund. This season also has a huge prize amount for all the participating countries of the tournament. UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money Breakdown: How much winner will get?

The total prize amount is increased by about 24% than the previous years of the competitions. The winner of the Euro 2020-21 will be receiving the prize amount of €10 M and the runners-up will get the prize amount of €7 M.

The other 24 teams that are a part of the team will also receive millions as cash prizes. However, the elites will be bagging the eight-figure payday at the end of the tournament. Also, Check here the Winners History of UEFA Euro.

UEFA Euro 2020-21 Each Team Earning in 2020

The top 24 teams of the tournament bag a huge prize amount in 2021 which is about 371 million euros. The game has witnessed a huge increase in prize money since 2016.

The winning team was awarded the cash prize of 8 Million euros however this year there is an increase of 2 million euros for the season.

The base prize money for the qualification is 9.25 Million euros for the UEFA Euro 2020-21.

UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money Breakdown: How much winner will get?

UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money Breakdown

The winners of the tournament will be bagging a huge amount of 10 Million. The runners-up of the tournament will be bagging 7 Million. 4 teams reaching the semi-finals will be bagging a cash prize of 5 Million.

8 teams reaching the quarter-finals will be receiving the prize money of 3.25 Million. Group Stage will be having a total of 16 teams where they will be bagging 1.5 Million euros per win and 75,000 draws.

The total number of teams that will be qualifying for the tournament will be 24 teams where they will get the cash prize of 9.25 Million euros.

The total cash prize of the entire tournament is 456 Million Euros for 2020.

Winners10 Million
Runner-up7 Million
Semi-Finals5 Million (4 Teams)
Quarter-Finals3.25 Million (8 Teams)
Round of 162 Million (16 Teams)
Group Stage1.5 Million (per win) & 750,000 (draw)
Qualified for Tournament9.25 Million (All 24 teams)
Total Prize 456 Million

UEFA Euro Winner 2020-21 Prize Money

The winner of the tournament will be bagging up a huge amount as the prize. The prize money for the UEFA Euro Winner 2020-21 is 34 Million euros. This also includes the match-winning amount (1.5 Million Euro) and drawn earnings (750K euros)

Knockout rounds are the ones where a huge amount is earned where each stage offers a significant raised prize money for the season.

UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money History

The competition started to roll in the year 1992 where the competition has a revenue generation of 41 Million Euros. There was an increase in the revenue of the competition later when the host was England in 1996. The revenue increase by almost 3 times the previous amount.

In the year 2000, the host nation is the Netherlands and Belgium and the revenue generation is 229 Million euros. The revenue in the year 2004 is the 855 Million euros where the tournament took place in Portugal.

In 2008 the tournament took place in Austria/Switzerland where the revenue was 1,351 Million Euros. In the year 2016, the tournament took place in France where the revenue generation is 1,916 Million Euros. In the year 2020, the host nation was Ukraine/Poland with a revenue generation of 1,391 Million Euros.

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