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“We Look Up To Mirabai Chanu For Inspiration”: Pakistani Weightlifter Who Won Gold At CWG 2022

“We Look Up To Mirabai Chanu For Inspiration”: Pakistani Weightlifter Who Won Gold At CWG 2022

“We Look Up To Mirabai Chanu For Inspiration”: As soon as Nooh Dastagir Butt won Pakistan’s first gold medal at this iteration of the Commonwealth Games, one of the first people to extend their congratulations was none other than the Indian diva Mirabai Chanu. This was Pakistan’s first gold medal at any version of the Commonwealth Games.

"We Look Up To Mirabai Chanu For Inspiration": As soon as Nooh Dastagir Butt won Pakistan's first gold medal at this iteration of the Commonwealth Games
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Chanu has rocketed herself to superstardom as a result of her Olympic medal, and she is not only a symbol for weightlifters in India but also for weightlifters in the nation of India’s immediate south.

Butt told PTI after winning the gold in the men’s 109+kg division with a record lift of 405 kg that “it was such a great moment for me when she congratulated me and commended my effort.”

The Pakistani athlete, who is only 24 years old, broke all three of the Olympic records: 173 in the snatch, 232 in the clean and jerk, and the aggregate.”

We draw our motivation from Mirabai’s exemplary leadership.


She has given us hope that even people from nations in South Asia can be successful in the Olympic competition. When she brought home the silver medal from the Olympics in Tokyo, we couldn’t have been more proud of her.”

Butt counts the Indian athlete Gurdeep Singh as one of his closest friends. Singh earned bronze in the same competition that Butt competed in.

“Over the past seven or eight years, we have become into really close friends. We have spent some time together training in other countries. We are constantly in communication, “Butt made sure that everyone was aware of the friendly relationship that he has with his Indian coworkers.

It was never a war between India and Pakistan in Butt’s mind; rather, it was an individual challenge to beat his previous performance.

“It wasn’t because I was going head-to-head with a lifter from India. I simply wanted to compete at my highest level and come out on top “he remarked in reference to Gurdeep, who made history by being the first Indian weightlifter to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games in the plus-weight category.

Two trips to India, each of which left lifelong impressions.

However, she has traveled to India on two separate occasions for international events. The Youth Commonwealth Championship was held in Pune back in 2015, and the South Asian Games were held in Guwahati the very next year. Both of these competitions took place in India.


“The kindness and assistance I experienced on both of my trips to India will remain ingrained in my memory forever. I can’t wait to travel to India once more! “he remarked.

He joked, “I think, I’ve got more fans in India than back home in Pakistan,” which translates to “I think, I’ve got more fans in India than back home in Pakistan.”

The Pakistani contingent had arrived for the South Asian Games in Guwahati-Shillong in 2016, only to find that the cross-border tension between the neighboring countries had only increased since the beginning of the competition “feel as though they are at home” “However, while I was in Guwahati, the staff at the hotel became like my extended family, and they were crying when I left. This was the nature of the link over those five to ten days.

They never gave me the impression that I am from Pakistan or that I am one of their adversaries.” Six years have passed since that title, and Butt wouldn’t mind making another trip to India at this point.

“Without a doubt, I look forward to making another trip there. I’ve never had such a good time competing as I did in India; it was incredible “he remarked.

Personalized workout space and instruction from Ghulam, the father of the instructor.

Weightlifting was the only event at the CWG in which Pakistan won a second gold medal. Only one lifter from this country, Shuja-Uddin Malik (85 kg), was able to bring home the gold (Melbourne 2006).

As a result of his bronze medal performance in judo, Shah Hussain Shah is the only other Pakistani athlete to place in the top three at these games.

His father, who is also his coach, Ghulam Dastgir, won a medal at the SAF Games and was a former national champion. At their house in Gujranwala, he has constructed a gymnasium for his son, where the younger man puts in a number of hours of practice.

“Due to the fact that many of our other competitors were unable to win, there were a lot of expectations placed upon me. The pressure of winning the first gold medal for my country at the CWG rested squarely on my shoulders “stated Butt, a bronze medallist “After 2018, I dealt with a few injuries, which is why I was unable to compete in Tokyo. I made a comeback because to the hard work that I put in over the past two or three years with my “Abbu,” which is the Urdu word for father.”

“My father is a source of motivation for me. During that time, he was the strongest lifter they had. This medal should be returned to him “He then gave his final signature.

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