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What are The 10 Best Memorable Moments of Sania Mirza!

Sania Mirza is an Indian professional and a popular tennis player who has recorded in the Grand Slams. She is a tennis player born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is the umber player ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association. Check What are The 10 Best Memorable Moments of Sania Mirza.

Sania plays as the right-handed and two-handed backhand in the game where she is the winner of prize money US $6.963,060.

Check out the details about the top 10 best memorable moments of an Indian tennis player Sania Mirza in the sport here on this page.

What are The 10 Best Memorable Moments of Sania Mirza!

10. 2003 Wimbledon Junior Girls Doubles

Winning of the Wimbledon Junior Girls doubles is the first-ever success for tennis player Sania Mirza. She wins her first-ever win in 2003 when she played with her partner Alisa Kleybanova who is a Russian player.

They bagged the championship against the pair of Katerina Bohmova and Michela Krajicek.

9. 2002 Asian Games

Sania bags a bronze medal at Asian Games in 2002 where she plays with the Leander Paes. The duo marked the winning of the bronze medal in the tournament.

Sania and Leander make it to defeat the pair of Shinobu Asagoe and Thomas Shimada. It is the fourth medal that India won in Asian Games

8. 2003 Afro-Asian Games

Sania bags four gold medals at the Afro-Asian Games. She represented India in all the 96 nations that took part in the league. She marked a record by winning a total of four gold medals in the tournament.

7. Seeded In Grand Slam

Sania becomes the first-ever woman who gets seeded in the grand slam from India. She marks 32nd seed in the Australian Open 2006.

She wins it against Victoria Azarenka in her opening game who is a two-time champion of the Australian Open.

However, she had to exit from the event after losing it to Michaella Krajicek.

6. 2014 US Open Mixed Doubles

Sania wins the 2014 US Open mixed doubles where the top-seeded pairing of Sania and Bruno Soares takes place. They marked their win against the Abigail Spears and Santiago Gonzalez in the tournament.

5. French Open Mixed Doubles 2012

Sania is an Indian tennis player along with Mahesh Bhupathi took part in the French Open Mixed Doubles. The duo marked their win in the tournament where it was a one-sided win for the country.

4. 2009 Australian Open Mixed Doubles

The first-ever major grand slam title for the tennis player is the Australia Open mixed doubles in 2009. It was again with Bhupathi she teams up and marks the win of the tournament in 2009.

Sania makes it to the winning of the tournament and bringing the gold to the team.

3. 2016 Australia Open Doubles

Sania wins the 2016 Australia Open Doubles in Melbourne. She teams up with the Martia Hingis where they mark their wins in the tournament. It is was against the Czech team where they bagged their win over the 7th seed.

2. 2015 US Open Doubles

Sania wins the US Open Doubles in 2015 where it is one of the most memorable wins. She paired herself with Martina Hingis. She is a Swiss partner for Sania in the game.

They both dominated the US Open Doubles 2015 and marked their win in the tournament.

1. Wimbeldon Doubles 2015

The most stupendous win for an Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is the Wimbledon Doubles in 2015. It was a grand success year for her where she marks the win of two Grand Slams.

The tournament rolled out at the England Court which is one of the prestigious grounds for the tournament. The final scores during the victory are 5-7, 7-6, and 7-5.