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What are the 5 New updates Added to Sony PlayStation?



PlayStation has always been fun. PlayStation is still becoming more fun. But we have to thank meme friends for this fun. Ever since I saw the video clip on Twitter, I wonder if Sony could have raised the level so much without members? I don’t think they could. Check What are the 5 New updates Added to Sony PlayStation?

On June 15, at 8:30 pm, a video clip came to Twitter from the PlayStation. Believe me, the smile on my face is not going away after watching this video. I can’t explain to you that it’s been so much fun since I saw it. Finally, you can play your favorite games, make video clips and have fun with them.

What are the 5 New updates Added to Sony PlayStation?

What are the 5 New updates Added to Sony PlayStation?
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You may be wondering what was in the video that made me laugh so much. Guys, be patient before I can control my smile. You must have seen on YouTube that different types of videos are made about free fire clips.

In this video clip, we see different emot doing strange things. Suppose an emote is dancing, a remote is giving roses, and much more. Of course, this is not happening on PlayStation.

But the PlayStation has brought for all gamers, the share factory studio feature bits. This will allow you to edit the video clip of your game and share it with your friends.

PlayStation is launching this new update. Through which the fun of your game will be doubled. But for this, you need to download a PlayStation app. Which will be available on the phone very soon.

pS5 update is bringing more fun:

What are the 5 New updates Added to Sony PlayStation?
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Share Factory Studio app allows players to capture and edit gameplay footage on their consoles. At the same time, you can share that footage on different social media platforms.

Not only that, this editing app has various video and audio editing features. Through this, you can make your video clip more fun.

So let me tell you right away what features are included in this new bridge edit-

  • As soon as you enter the app you will go to the BTS editor there is a section called BTS. Below BTS, five options will come in front of you.
  • These are Quick Edit, Fresh Bits, Classic Bits, and Hot Bits respectively.
  • You can choose whatever bits you want according to your situation. Suppose you are playing a card game and you see a car crashing there, you can react hahaha.
  • There are also many animated stickers with word and even text personalization options. It also has new doodle features that allow you to create free-form doodles using a dual-sense wireless controller.
  • As I said before hahaha you can give a voice. But for this, you need to use the voice-over feature. Where you can change your voice.