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Which faction was Eric Young in during his first WWE run?

Deaner fatally stabbed 42-year-old Eric Young, ending his time as Violent by Design’s leader. Naturally, this was done with the intention of effectively removing Young from Impact Wrestling as the former Impact World Champion returns to WWE.

In case you were wondering, the star left Impact Wrestling in 2016 and switched to the black and gold brand. In Triple H’s version of NXT, the real-life Jeremy Fritz founded SAnitY, a villainous stable that also included Nikki Cross and former WWE stars Killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe.

SAnitY paved the way for Young and Wolfe to win the NXT Tag Team Championship by demonstrating that it was a dominant force in WWE’s developmental territory.

Along with the Undisputed Era and the short-lived team of Roderick Strong and the Authors of Pain, the stable also participated in the first-ever WarGames pay-per-view event that was exclusive to NXT.

On April 17, 2018, Eric Young and the rest of SAnitY—with the exception of Nikki Cross—were added to the main roster as part of the Superstar Shake-up. On the June 19, 2018, episode of SmackDown Live, the trio attacked The Usos, making their main roster debut.

The group, on the other hand, was unable to replicate its success on NXT as a result of poor booking decisions at the time. As part of a second Superstar Shake-up, Young was drafted to Monday Night RAW, effectively ending his reign as group leader.

He was in the long run set free from his WWE contract in April 2020 because of the Coronavirus financial plan cuts.

Deaner stabs Eric Young to ‘death’ on Impact

The December 1, 2022, episode of Effect Wrestling on AXS television witnessed a few stunning occasions, including the ‘passing’ of Eric Youthful. During the most recent taping, a preview of Young’s final confrontation with protégé Deaner was shown on the promotion.

The two were seen conversing in the Nashville-filmed video package. Before the two of them jumped on each other to grab a knife that was placed on their table, Young asked Deaner to recall his pledge of allegiance to Violent by Design.

Deaner finally prevailed over his mentor, who asked him to “eliminate the sickness,” after much back-and-forth action. Young insisted that only he could complete the task, prompting the “design” to kill the “designer,” despite Deaner telling the boss that they could fix this.

It remains to be seen whether and when Eric Young will return to WWE if the reports are accurate.

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