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Without Cristiano Ronaldo, no Manchester United player could score 24 goals. Know Here!

Sources said that former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand had warned the Red Devils not to sell Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.

Also, according to him, if the 37-year-old leaves United, it will be difficult for United to replace him with someone who scores as much as he does. On a podcast, Ferdinand was asked whether or not he would have made his debut with Ronaldo against Brighton, saying: “For a player, the worst thing for you is to sit on the bench and go into a game.”

“You get him going; you say, ‘You’re going to play 45 and do what you do.’ He had [he had 45 minutes]. “He has enough experience to control the pace of a game. You have to trust these guys.”

 Ferdinand then argued: “Man United just won’t let him go. Where are they going to score 24 goals? Don’t talk, you’re not going anywhere.”

Why isn’t it possible without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in the world. He’s won three Champions League titles, two La Liga titles, and a Ballon d’Or award with Real Madrid. He also scored 24 goals for Manchester United last season—the most by any player at any club since Lionel Messi scored 25 for Barcelona in 2013-14—and he has more than 450 club goals across his career so far.

Disappointing in one way, but could possibly work out for the better” –  Former Manchester United forward offers opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo  leaving Old Trafford
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Ronaldo is such a good striker because he can do things other players cannot do: score from anywhere on the pitch; create chances for his teammates; make runs into space that defenders don’t expect; use his body well to shield opponents from shots or headers; pass accurately through tight spaces (even if it’s off target); pull off tricks like this one against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena:

So when Ronaldo left Manchester United this summer to join Juventus, the question was: who will have his place in the team? Nobody else can score 24 goals like Ronaldo did last season. But if you look at each club’s league scoring statistics, there’s one player who could be a candidate: Luis Suarez. He scored 25 league goals for Barcelona last year and is already off to a good start with two in two for Barca.

Although in the past few years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most consistent players in world football. He is a winner and leader on and off the pitch. He’s also a great example for younger players because of his work ethic and dedication to improving himself daily.

Moreover, Ronaldo is an amazing player and a great person who cares about others as much as himself! In his wonderful journey, he becomes one of the most popular personalities in the world. We hope this article was helpful; if you have any queries about the above context, leave a comment below.

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