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Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season

Women’s FISH Hockey World Cup 2022 is set to begin with matches scheduled in the fifteenth season of the Cup. Hockey World Cup 2022 is already with the games of the tournament. The tournament will begin rolling out under the supervision of the International Hockey Federation. The Women’s FIH the Hockey World Cup in 2022 dates Host, Countries, as well as Teams list. Check Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name.

 Spain along with the Netherlands will host the league’s championship tournament, which is set to begin this July 2022. There will be 16 teams participating that are participating of the competition. The venues are set for the league’s fixtures. Learn more about the women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022 Dates, Hosts, Countries, Teams List, and other details in this article.

Womens FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name

Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Name of all Season

1971PakistanSpainBarcelona, Spain
1973NetherlandsIndiaAmstelveen, Netherlands
1975IndiaPakistanKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1978PakistanNetherlandsBuenos Aires, Argentina
1982PakistanWest GermanyBombay, India
1986AustraliaEnglandLondon, England
1990NetherlandsPakistanLahore, Pakistan
1994PakistanNetherlandsSydney, Australia
1998NetherlandsSpainUtrecht, Netherlands
2002GermanyAustraliaKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2006GermanyAustraliaMonchengladbach, Germany
2010AustraliaGermanyNew Delhi, India
2014AustraliaNetherlandsThe Hague, Netherlands
2018BelgiumNetherlandsOdisha, India

Women’s FIFA hockey World Cup Date 2022

The Women’s FIH World Cup of Hockey 2022 is prepared with matches to be played in this league. The fixtures are set to begin being released this year. The fixtures will start on July 1, 2022. It is expected that the World Cup fixtures will be starting on July 1 2022 and continue to run until July 17, 2022.

The entire schedule for this fixture is available now, and the games will be played for the women’s FIH Hockey World Cup in 2022 very soon. The ideal time frame for the tournament runs from July 1 to 17 2022, in Germany, Netherlands, and Spain, Spain. The final host of the tournament will be Spain and Netherlands.

Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup2022 Nations

The qualifying matches for the Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022 have been announced today. The tournament’s matches are set to begin being released along with the fixtures to be played during the year. The current qualifying teams for the league include the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, England, Germany, and Ireland.

Womens FIH International HockeyTournament 2022 Team List

The complete list of teams for the tournament has not yet been available. The organizers are soon announcing the team list for the women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022. Here’s the complete team list for women’s FIH Hockey World Cup 2022 in the qualification process.

·       The Netherlands

•        Spain

•        Belgium

•        England

•        Germany

•        Ireland

The last Hockey World Cup (13th edition) was played in 2014. It was held in The Hague, Netherlands. Australia took home in the 2014 Hockey World Cup after defeating the Netherlands in the finals. This year’s edition of Hockey World Cup 2018 started in November and ran until the 16th of December at Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India). Belgium took home this year’s Hockey World Cup 2018 by beating the Netherlands by a score of 3-2 in the final in the penalty shoot-out following the draw was 0-0.


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