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World test championship 2021-23: Slight changes in Points table due to Bangladesh winning against NZ

The World test championship 2021-23 has seen a lot of ups and downs. Bangladesh has registered its first win in the Test Championship by defeating New Zealand.

Bangladesh won by 8 wickets over New Zealand. After this spectacular win, Bangladesh has also taken a giant leap in the points table.


In the cricket world, each team is playing series against each other, because of this, there are slight changes in the WTC points table after every match.

Rules of World Test Championship 2021-23 points table

In this, the winning team will get 12 points, if there is a tie, 6 points, if there is a draw, and no point will be awarded.

Similarly, the winning team will get 100 percent of the points, if there is a tie, 50 percent of the points, if there is a draw, 33.33 percent of the points, and losing will get 0.

So far, Australia is in first place in the ICC Test Championship points table with 100 percent of the points.

Bangladesh has now reached the fifth position with 33.33 percentage off points. The ranking of all the teams is decided by the percentage of points.

By clicking on this link you can see this table

Position of Bangladesh and other teams in World Test Championship 2021-23

Bangladesh has now come at number five in the points table, while New Zealand’s team has reached number seven.

This is a very embarrassing defeat for New Zealand, while for Bangladesh this victory is very important.

Because in the last 10 years no Asian team has been able to win on New Zealand soil, but this record was broken by Bangladesh.

Australia is in first place with 100 percent and 36 points.

Sri Lanka with 100%

Pakistan with 75%

India with 63.09%

Bangladesh with 33.33%

Westindies with 25%

New Zealand 11.11%

England with 07.14%

At last South Africa with 00.00%

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