Zurich vs Arsenal Match details, predictions, lineup, betting tips, where to watch live today? – UEFA Women’s Champions League

Zurich will be taking it over Arsenal in the upcoming matches for the football event. The event takes off for the UEFA Women’s Champions League 2022 this December 21, 2022.

The event takes off at 11:15 PM (IST) for the fixture which is a Matchday 6 of 6 events taking off. The fixture rolls out on the grounds of LIPO Park Schaffhausen for Zurich vs Arsenal.

Arsenal is currently in position one of the tables where they are players of 5 fixtures and made it to winning three. The total points for Arsenal on the table are 10 for the team.

Zurich on the other hand is in position four of the table where they are players in five matches and has made it to win none. The total points for Zurich are zero on the table of the UEFA Women’s League.

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Match Details

Zurich will be locking horns with Arsenal in the upcoming matches for the football event in Women’s. The matches will be taking off for the Group Stage C event taking off on December 21, 2022.

The fixtures are going to be taking place at 11:15 PM (IST) for Zurich vs Arsenal.

The game is set to take off for Group Stage C, Matchday 6 of 6 at LIPO Park Schaffhausen for Zurich vs Arsenal

  • Fixtures: Zurich vs Arsenal
  • Fixture Details Zurich vs Arsenal: Group Stage C, UEFA Women’s Champions League
  • Date: 21 December 2022
  • Time: 11:15 PM (IST)
  • Venue: LIPO Park Schaffhausen


There are predictions that the team that makes it to win the event is Arsenal The fixture takes off for the Zurich vs Arsenal event.

The winner predictions for Zurich vs Arsenal are on the basis of analysis and the final results for the fixture will be out after the matches this evening.



Pilgrim, Humm, Piubel, Wos, Pinther, Megroz, Vetterlein, Riesen, Freidli


Blackstenius, McCabe, Foord, Nobbs, Maanum, Walti, Catley, Wubben-Moy, Williamson, Wienroither, Zinsberger.

Betting Tips

  • Fixture Results: Arsenal
  • Zurich vs Arsenal To Score: Yes

Where To Watch Live Today?

UEFA Women’s Championship League will be taking off with the matches on the official partners of Zurich vs Arsenal. Zurich vs Arsenal will be taking over each other and the official partners will be Sky Sports.

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