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After a second collision, this time with DeMar DeRozan, Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen once more draws the ire of the Chicago Bulls

The Bulls lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 119-113 in overtime at the United Center on Wednesday.

Allen slid into Bulls star DeMar DeRozan following a shoving foul by Patrick Williams.

Knocking the forward to the ground with his upper body. DeRozan leaped to his feet right away.

Thrusting at Allen while the Bucks’ Wesley Matthews and Giannis Antetokounmpo ventured into his way.

DeRozan continued to shout Allen down, prompting three Bulls teammates to redirect him.

Allen then retreated to the bench

Albeit the play was evaluated for a foul, authorities decided any contact between the players to be coincidental and didn’t punish Allen.

DeRozan took a while to completely cool down.

DeRozan and Bucks forward Bobby Portis engaged in a verbal altercation that resulted in two technical fouls a minute later as the two players bit each other.

The score stood at 106 going into overtime.

Since Alex Caruso was injured in a midair collision in Milwaukee in January

Allen has never been greeted by cheers when he steps onto the United Center court.

On the play that resulted in Caruso being sidelined for more than six weeks, Bulls players accused Allen of intentionally being dirty.

Since Allen joined the NBA in 2018, he has been regarded as a heel because of his sloppy play during his time at Duke.

Grayson Allen just can’t help himself. He did something stupid and dirty to the Bulls once more.

The man most detested in Chicago made the decision to attempt yet another well-known dirty move ahead of tonight’s Bulls-Bucks game at the United Center.

Grayson Allen was fouled by Patrick Williams at the top of the key in the third quarter of a close game.

Allen used the foul to spin out of control and push DeMar DeRozan to the ground.

Despite the fact that Williams committed a foul, Allen’s forceful collision with DeRozan was unjustified.

Allen appears to be repositioning himself on multiple cameras in order to drive DeRozan to the ground with his forearm.

DeRozan, to no one’s surprise, jumped to his feet and charged straight at the Bucks’ guard as soon as he noticed the move.

Look, everyone is aware that DeRozan rarely loses his composure for no apparent reason

DeRozan realized as soon as he hit the ground that Allen’s action was pointless.

He also knew that if the officials didn’t give Allen his own foul, he would let the refs hear it.

Two minutes later, he got double technical fouls with Bucks forward Bobby Portis.

Naturally, Allen made one of the dirtiest plays you’ll ever see to break Alex Caruso’s wrist less than a year before this whole thing happened.

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