NBA Journal: Dwight Howard, Yuta Watanabe, John Collins, Jae Crowder, and Kyle Kuzma

As the year 2023 approaches, league executives are keeping an eye on three forwards’ availability: Kyle Kuzma, John Collins, and Jae Crowder.

Considering that, the current week’s NBA journal incorporates the most recent intel in the three-group exchange talks between.

The Falcons, Jazz and Suns, Kuzma, Yuta Watanabe, and G Association Light draft prospect Leonard Mill operator from our own Michael Scotto.

Our capologist Yossi Gozlan breaks down a possible Myles Turner extension.

Frank Urbina keeps an eye on free agency stock, and Alberto De Roa.

A former NBA player who has made significant contributions to our international spotlight, provides the most recent trade rumors commentary on Kuzma and Collins.

As Shams Charania reported on The Rally, three-team trade talks between the Hawks, Suns.

Jazz involved John Collins moving to Utah, Jae Crowder and player(s) moving to Atlanta, and Jarred Vanderbilt and Malik Beasley moving to Phoenix.

HoopsHype was informed by league sources that the trade talks also included the Suns guard Landry Shamet.

In no less than one structure of the three-group exchange talks, Shamet would’ve gone to Atlanta with Crowder, sources said.

If the right deal comes along, Collins could be traded by the Hawks

Lauri Markkanen, Kyle Kuzma, and Crowder are among the league’s forwards who have been on Atlanta’s radar.

The Jazz, according to rival executives, consider Vanderbilt to be worth a first-round pick because of his production, contract, which was signed for $4.7 million next season, and age (he is 23).

Beasley told HoopsHype at the end of November that he wanted to stay in Utah and have the Jazz exercise his $16.5 million team option.

Phoenix has been looking for a new home for Crowder for months, and Cam Johnson has only played eight games because they couldn’t agree on a contract extension before the season started.

HoopsHype previously reported that Phoenix and Johnson were in the process of discussing a four-year contract extension worth anywhere from $66 million to $72 million before negotiations stalled.

Cap insight: Talks about a trade between the Hawks, Jazz, and Suns

Hawks, Jazz, and Suns are almost halfway through the season, and Jae Crowder is still at home waiting for a deal.

Shams Charania provided us with an update on that front today, outlining a three-way plan that would have sent him and other players to the Atlanta Hawks.

As a feature of the arrangement, the Suns would get Malik Beasley and Jolted Vanderbilt, while the Jazz would get John Collins.

To match Vanderbilt and Beasley’s salaries, the Suns would need to send Crowder an additional $5.7 million.

But even adding the bare minimum would significantly raise their luxury tax payment for this season.

To keep the incoming and outgoing salaries comparable and their tax bill neutral.

They may prefer to send out a player like Landry Shamet or Dario Saric, as our Michael Scotto reported above.

If they take back either Shamet or Saric, this deal would raise Atlanta’s luxury tax space from $1.3 million to slightly more than $5 million.

If Clint Capela and/or Dejounte Murray were to receive incentives that they could realistically hit.

This kind of trade would also ensure that they did not overpay the luxury tax.

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