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After spending three years in bed, Jagdeep Singh Bains considered suicide

In 2012, Jagdeep injured his back and fell to the wooden court in agony during a 3-on-3 tournament in China.

A back injury that kept Jagdeep Singh Bains in bed for three years and threatened his career was the cause of his sudden death. He even considered taking his own life.

While participating in a 3-on-3 tournament in China in 2012, he had a life-altering incident. He sank to the wooden court in agony, unable to fully comprehend what had happened to his back at the time. The 37-year-old discusses his desire to play basketball again, both for Mumbai Stars in the brand-new Elite Pro Basketball League and for Mumbai Stars, after being in a vegetative state for three years due to a slipped disc.

I was almost vegetative and barely able to move, so it was the worst time of my life. Friday, Bains told PTI, “I could not bear the pain.” Standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, the center said that his wife was his rock of strength and helped him get through difficult times when he wanted to die by crying. He also said that his wife was his support system. Additionally, he stated that his wife was his support network. He also said that his wife was his support system. His wife, he said, was his rock.

“I wanted to cry. “I didn’t want to live like that, and I had almost considered suicide,” Bains stated. “At the time, when I was just getting married, my wife was the only reason I didn’t kill myself. Her strength gave me strength. She owes me everything, including my existence. UBA contacted Bains after he had surgery in 2016 and had participated in over 20 international competitions, including the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and a few Asian Championships.

He acknowledges that he might have recovered from his injury sooner if he had received treatment as soon as possible. The cager from Ganganagar, Rajasthan, stated, “If someone had advised me to take the injury seriously, I wouldn’t have lost four years of my life and could have given a lot more to the sport I loved.”

After 90 days, he was able to have a medical procedure and resume playing tennis, which he did very well. “I had surgery, but I was back in three months and played in the UBA league’s first season. Throughout my recovery, they provided moral and financial support for me. I have no words to adequately express my gratitude to them.

Bains, on the other hand, will never be forgotten for the agony and pain he felt at being ignored by the national federation under which he won national glory. “The federation withdrew its support in my darkest time,” Bains, who began playing basketball in 2002 and went on to represent the senior team at the age of 19, stated. I never received a call or money from the Federation. Because I had given up everything for this nation, I was furious.

He was in the UBA for three seasons. In addition, he was reinstated into the Indian squad for the 2019 Bahrain World Cup qualifying matches. He never again donned the India uniform after that. “India needs such leagues for people to consider basketball as a career option and help grow the sport in the country,” Bains stated in advance of his appearance at the Elite Pro Basketball League.

Similar leagues are required nationwide, as demonstrated. Cricket has been affected by the IPL.” “We also need to have such platforms for the youngsters,” said Bains, who worked at the Ludhiana Basketball Academy under the late coach S. Subramanian. Bangladesh, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and other nations have professional leagues.

In addition to a high salary, “players in professional leagues are further motivated by receiving excellent nutrition, medical care, and injury management.”

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