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Australian Domestic One-Day Cup Winners List

A limited over cricket tournament has been a feature of Australian cricket since 1969/70 till 2020/21. The tournament is contested between teams representing the six states of Australia who also compete in the first-class Sheffield shield. Three other teams have also played in the tournament for a short period of time. So now let’s check the Australian Domestic One-Day Cup, Winners List.

Whereas the current competition format the final is played at the home ground of the team that finishes the regular competition formats, and the final has been played at the home ground of the finalist with the best record in the competition to that point or in the very early years.

Australian Domestic One-Day Cup Winners

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Australian Domestic One-Day Cup Winners List

V & G Australasian Knock-Out Competition1969/70New Zealand
V & G Australasian Knock-Out Competition1970/71West Aust
Coca-Cola Australasian Knock-Out Competition1971/72Victoria
Coca-Cola Australasian Knock-Out Competition1972/73New Zealand
Gillette Cup (Australia)1973/74West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia)1974/75New Zealand
Gillette Cup (Australia)1975/76Queensland
Gillette Cup (Australia)1976/77West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia)1977/78West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia)1978/79Tasmania
McDonald’s Cup1979/80Victoria
McDonald’s Cup1980/81Queensland
McDonald’s Cup1981/82Queensland
McDonald’s Cup1982/83West Aust
McDonald’s Cup1983/84South Aust
McDonald’s Cup1984/85NSW
McDonald’s Cup1985/86West Aust
McDonald’s Cup1986/87South Aust
McDonald’s Cup1987/88NSW
FAI Cup1988/89Queensland
FAI Cup1989/90West Aust
FAI Cup1990/91West Aust
FAI Cup1991/92NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup1992/93NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup1993/94NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup1994/95Victoria
Mercantile Mutual Cup1995/96Queensland
Mercantile Mutual Cup1996/97West Aust
Mercantile Mutual Cup1997/98Queensland
Mercantile Mutual Cup1998/99Victoria
Mercantile Mutual Cup1999/00West Aust
Mercantile Mutual Cup2000/01NSW
ING Cup2001/02NSW
ING Cup2002/03NSW
ING Cup (in Australia)2003/04West Aust
ING Cup (in Australia)2004/05Tasmania
ING Cup (in Australia)2005/06NSW
Ford Ranger One Day Cup (in Australia)2006/07Queensland
Ford Ranger One Day Cup (in Australia)2007/08Tasmania
Ford Ranger Cup (in Australia)2008/09Queensland
Ford Ranger Cup (in Australia)2009/10Tasmania
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia)2010/11Victoria
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia)2011/12South Aust
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia)2012/13Queensland
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia)2013/14Queensland
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia)2014/15West Aust
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia)2015/16NSW
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia)2016/17NSW
JLT One-Day Cup (in Australia)2017/18West Aust
JLT One-Day Cup (in Australia)2018/19Victoria
The Marsh Cup (in Australia)2019/20West Aust
  1. New South Wales is state on the east coast of Australia is the current champion of Australia domestic limited over cricket tournamnet.
  2. Whereas the most successful team is Western Australia who have won 14 titles the team always give their best and perform best they are one of the most famous team and the state has 2.6 million inhabitants where the majority of people partcipate in it.
  3. Brad Hodge have maken one of the most runs in Australia domestic one day cup also James Hopes have made one of the most wickets.

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